The Many Benefits of Using a Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

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I was recently approached to try out a Himalayan Salt Lamp from Skyfield for review, and honestly, I had no idea what they were really for, other than I knew they looked nice and made for some lovely home decor. But upon a little researching and trying it out for myself this last week, I actually found there are a TON of both physical and mental health benefits to using one regularly, as well as some benefits for your home and even surprisingly, a pretty amazing beauty benefit too!

Benefits for your home

The way Himalayan salt lamps work is that when heated with LED lights, the salt releases negative ions into the air, which neutralizes a lot of the positive ions found in the home. This means that it neutralizes electromagnetic radiation that can be found in the home caused by using household electronics. The negative ions of the salt lamp also helps to prevent the build-up of static electricity as well. Hello, no more frizzy winter dry hair – so using a Himalayan salt lamp has actually got an amazing beauty benefit too!

The lamp also helps reduce bacteria in the home (found in humid air) so it acts as a natural purifier for the home as well!
The Benefits of Using an Himalyan Salt Lamp

Benefits for your Physical Health

The negative ions released by heating a Himalayan salt lamp (when it comes in contact with you) have also been found to boost blood flow, increase energy, improve sleep, and it also helps calm asthma and allergy symptoms, such as coughing and better breathing. The benefits of using a salt lamp also help improve the immune system, so it’s great for helping you ward off colds and flu’s that are rampant this time of year!

Benefits for your Mental Health

The Himalayan salt lamp is great for helping to promote focus, increase performance, and it helps reduce stress by calming and relaxing the mind as well. It can help improve mood by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain, so it’s great for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this time of year, or even depression.

I keep mine by my desk- obviously, to help me be more productive and increase my focus while I write and, of course, because this is where I spend most of my time each day. I also love to move it to the living room where I do yoga and meditation to help promote relaxation and to help me clear my mind and reduce stress too.

The Himalayan pink salt lamp from Skyfield (with it’s packaging that is as beautiful as the product), makes a fantastic gift if you’re still looking for last minute gifts for loved ones!

The Benefits of Using an Himalyan Salt Lamp

The Benefits of Using an Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

The Skyfield Himalayan salt lamp contains high-quality 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt in orange, cream, yellow, and pink, which gives you the benefits of heated salt in your home along with elegant lighting and a warm sunshine-like glow. It’s not just great for your health, but its beautiful modern style makes great decor too!

It’s super easy to use! Just plug in and turn on the power, and it start’s working its magic right away while illuminating your space!

I like to move it to the bedroom at night for improved sleep. It lights up and creates a beautiful ambiance and makes a fantastic night light too! (You can also adjust the brightness by pressing down on the power button until you reach desired dim level).

The Benefits of Using an Himalyan Salt Lamp The Benefits of Using an Himalyan Salt Lamp

The Skyfield Himalayan salt lamp is very inexpensive, and thanks to their use of long-lasting LED lights, it will last you a very long time too!

Interested in picking one up for yourself or a loved one this Holiday season? Shop the SkyField Himalayan Lamp Here on Amazon for just $39!

Happy Health Days Ahead!

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5 thoughts on “The Many Benefits of Using a Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp”

  1. Oooh I like the style of this one!! Mine is one solid chunk and my lightbulb burned out! I should probably get on replacing that one of these days!! I miss it!! The glow was amazing and I kept it on 24/7!!

  2. Love salt lamp. I have three in my home and one Christmas probably about 8 years ago I gave about 10 of them as gifts. I had found a site on the web that had them at really affordable prices. Since then, the popularity has taken off. I guess I was a little ahead of the times. LOL

  3. I knew some of the benefits of this, but I didn’t know that much! Awesome review. I have wanted a lamp for a while, such a plus that they look so nice as well!

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