Why Mirrored Sunnies are Here to Stay

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Ever notice how mirrored sunglasses keep re-appearing over and over each summer! It’s easily one of (if not THE) most popular lens of the warmer months!

While mirrored lenses are always a fab choice for hanging out in the sunshine,  mirrored sunnies actually look great year-round! Read on to see the several different reasons why mirrored sunnies are so fabulous and why they aren’t going away anytime soon! Why Mirrored Sunnies are Here to Stay

1. They have an Understated Cool Factor. Nothing quite compares to the cool, effortless, easy style and look you get from wearing mirrored lenses. There’s a reason they make snowboarding goggles nearly all mirrored too, and it’s not just to help protect your eyes! Mirrored lenses are fun and playful, but still look grown up at the same time. They are the perfect accessory to throw on with what ever you’re wearing, and instantly adds some chic style to your look!

2. They’re totally Low Maintenance. Ever notice how mirrored sunnies have a miraculous way of always looking perfect, even when they are dirty, spotted, worn in, banged up, and otherwise over-worn?! They’re surprisingly low maintenance especially compared to classic black frames and lenses that can show everything! Throw on mirrored sunglasses and they always look great, although Woodies Sunglasses come with a hard case, soft case and cleaning cloth to keep your lenses protected and clean!

Why Mirrored Sunnies are Here to Stay

3. Wear the color to fit your mood or show off your personality. Mirrored sunglasses come in all sorts of colors, including blue, purple, green, pink, orange, red, yellow, and more  – making it super easy to pick whatever pair is suiting your mood that day!  It’s also a fun and easy way to show off your style personality!

Mirrored sunnies are always in so don’t limit yourself to just one! Choose different mirrored sunglasses in different face-flattering styles!Why Mirrored Sunnies are Here to Stay

4. They’re extremely versatile. Mirrored sunglasses can easily be styled with anything from your swimsuit, to your night-out look! They work great with everything! I keep a pair in my bag for backup and have found they come in handy way more than I ever thought imaginable!

5. They’re unisex. Both men and women can wear this style, (us girls especially) – making it easy to steal your boyfriend’s style, (I totally still my boyfriend’s here, all the time!)

6. They’re surprisingly very flattering on the face. Just pick a frame that suits you best (see my guide here on how to choose the best style for your face shape), and go with a mirrored style. Mirrored lenses draw attention to the face, and the bright playful colors really brighten up skin tone as well.


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Happy Styling!

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