The Must-Have Beauty Tool to Help you Get Flawless, Airbrushed-like Makeup: Pamper Therapy

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Hey lovelies, ever wondered how celebrities and makeup artists get that flawless airbrushed look? It’s not because they’re spending the big bucks (well, some may be – but you don’t have too!) Unless you have an expensive airbrushing system for applying makeup (which I’ve used and they are a pain!), there is a much easier and inexpensive way to get a flawless application every single time! Pamper Therapy’s flawless makeup sponge is a great tool for helping you achieve a beautiful, perfect, flawless makeup application every time! You can even use it to set your makeup as well!

The Pamper therapy sponge applicator is highly durable and good quality too. It can be used over and over for lots and lots of uses! It is easy to wash out with a soft cleanser or baby shampoo to extend the life of your sponge and to prevent the spreading of bacteria.

The sponge is designed for helping you achieve the perfect makeup application. The applicator is a great size and easy to use! It helps spread makeup, concealer, and translucent powder quickly, effortlessly, and easily! The result is a beautiful flawless finish that looks like you paid big bucks to have your makeup done!

The sponge is soft and feels very nice against the skin too. It works amazingly for blending too! You can use it with liquids, creams, and/or powders too to get a perfectly blended, gorgeous complexion.
pamper therapy flawless makeup sponge
pamper therapy flawless makeup sponge

I tried it out this weekend with my Halloween Costume for a flawless “Bad Cop” look (see below). The sponge is simple to use and takes no longer in your beauty routine to use than using your foundation with a makeup brush.

How to Use:

Just dampen the sponge a bit, add your eye concealer, and/or foundation and rub in.

The tip of the sponge is great for using in smaller places like under the eyes for seamlessly blending in your eye concealer.

The flat part of the sponge is great for using to rub in your foundation.

The round part and bottom of the sponge is fabulous for blending those larger areas like the cheeks and forehead.


When using, you will notice how easily and nicely the sponge glides across the skin, creating a perfect finish. My makeup looks more natural, airbrushed, and completely flawless!


How I Created my Flawless Finish with My Pamper Therapy Sponge:

I started by blending in my under eye concealer with the tip of the sponge.

I then blended in my foundation with the flat surface of the sponge as well as the round bottom of the sponge for the bigger areas that required more coverage. Dot around those areas that need more coverage, dab onto the skin in gentle strokes and rock sponge back and forth to blend.

I then used the sponge tip to blend in my bronzer on my cheeks, as well as my highlighter on the top of my cheeks, middle of my forehead, and above and below the center of my lip and well as the top of my nose. I also used with my liquid blush and smeared the blush from the bottom of my cheek bone up and then blended out a bit for a more natural finish.

I then finished by dipping my sponge into a bit of translucent powder and dotting over my face and rocking back and forth to set my look.


I love how great my look turned out and how airbrushed and perfect my makeup looks after using my Pamper Therapy Makeup Sponge!


Interested in trying out the Flawless Pamper Therapy Makeup Sponge for yourself? You can pick it up Here on Amazon for just $10!

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What makeup blending tips do you have? Let me know in the comment, I love hearing from you!


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  1. I just got myself one of these and it was probably the best decision ever, now I need a mini one for under my eyes!

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