There’s a Good Chance that Fork isn’t As Clean as You Think It is: Why You Need NEATS

Have you ever been out to dinner and picked up that not-so-looking clean fork and wondered how clean it really was? I know I have! I’ve actually wondered about the cleanliness of a lot of things while eating out – the menu, the salt and pepper shaker… I’ve often ordered and ran to the restroom to clean up before touching anything else but still ended up at home later with an upset stomach. This is why I was absolutely thrilled to hear about Neats. Neats is a handy quick drying biodegradable wipe that effectively removes inanimate contaminants for a clean surface! It works great for everything from that maybe-not-so-clean knife to using around the sides of your drinking glass! In fact, there are TONS of uses for Neats, besides just for when you want to eat! I keep some of the handy palm size wipes in my handbag at all times for those emergency spills, quick cleanups, or whenever I feel the need to wipe my hands clean or anything else! You know how dirty your cell phone gets? When I have a Neats out for whatever I’m using it to clean with, I always give my phone a quick wipe too! I’ve wiped down the steering wheel of my car with it, the doorknobs on my front door, a quick clean up for any spills while I’m on the go, and I’ve also used it to remove lipstick too -because its plenty safe for your skin as well! Neats uses a non-toxic cleaning formula that safely cleans- leaving behind a sanitary, hygienic surface with no aftertaste either, so you don’t need to worry about a weird taste showing up on those utensils before you eat! I have total peace of mind with Neats and I love that I can find so many other uses for them as well! They are totally one of those items you don’t realize how much you need and how much you use it until you actually have it! I keep some with me at all times now, whenever I’m out and about! Check out Neats below:   Rember….Just because it doesn’t look dirty, doesn’t mean it isn’t clean! Interested in trying out Neats for yourself? Shop Neats at! Happy Eating- with peace of mind!  

Also, the lovely people of Neats are letting me GIVEAWAY some handy Neats quick-drying biodegradable wipes to some of my lovely readers!

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