Ever Tried Neutrogena Makeup? You’re Gonna Want to!

I unfortunately, have not had the pleasure of trying out Neutrogena Cosmetics in the past, but just recently got to try out two of their creamy crease proof eye colors, mascara, and Moisture smooth color stick lip color, and I am beyond impressed!
I tend to be one of those people that harshly judge lower-priced cosmetics companies as not being as high of quality as more expensive brands. I tend to feel like they don’t last long and look cheap on the skin. I have changed my mind though after trying out Neutrogena’s wonderful cosmetics line! These cosmetics lasted all day, the colors were fabulous, and I loved the look they gave me!

Here are some swatches of the eye colors (on the left) and the watermelon moisture stick lip color on the right. The eye colors I got to try out were Constant Copper (far left) and Lasting Taupe (in the center).

I really loved using the eye colors. First of all, I’m a huge fan of creamy eyeshadows. I love how easy and quickly they are to apply and I love the more moisturized look it gives my dry skin. I tend to have huge crease problems especially thanks to my droopy eyelids.

Neutrogena’s creamy eye colors are meant to be crease proof. Mine actually held up really good, even with my droopy eyelids. I did notice a little bit of creasing at the end of the day, but it wasn’t very noticeable, not like most creamy eye shadows I’ve used in the past! I also really loved how natural these colors looked on my skin! They are exactly what I would’ve picked out for myself! They look like they aren’t even there but they totally enhance the eyes. I loved the pretty light copper shade as a highlighter below the eyebrow bone and in the inner corner of my eyes. It has a pretty light shimmer that really makes the eyes pop!

Next, I got to try out the mascara which I loved immediately! It goes on super smooth and didn’t clump at all for me! It really made my eyelashes look super long, thick, and intense! I applied a couple of coats for a more dramatic look!

Lastly was the Moisture smooth color stick for lips, in sweet watermelon! I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened it up and tried it because it has an intense watermelon scent and when you apply it, it tastes so divine! Just like watermelons! I love the soft, natural baby pink shade! I felt like it looked super natural on my skin but really made my lips pop and gave my dry lips some great moisturization as well!

I absolutely loved using these Neutrogena Cosmetics and will certainly be trying more from their line in the future! If you would like to learn more or purchase some of their fabulous cosmetics or skincare products for yourself, check them out at Neutrogena.com today!

You can also find Neutrogena Cosmetics HERE on Amazon.

*This is a sponsored blog post by Neutrogena, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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