No More Smelly Workout Clothes: WIN Detergent Gets the Stink Out + a GIVEAWAY

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The new year is quickly approaching and many of you probably have already decided on a New Years Resolution to get more fit! It is still the most common new year’s resolution, and that’s great because it’s important we all do our best to stay healthy!

While many of us may be busy picking up some gym passes, buying new workout gear or clothing, one thing you’re probably not thinking about is how stinky those workout clothes will inevitably get after several wears this New Year! Workout gear is expensive and replacing it often because it get’s too smelly to wear can be a total drag! And if your goal is to workout more often, the last thing you probably want it a deterrent like knowing you’ll have to keep replacing that expensive workout clothing as you keep up your regular workouts!

A few months back, I came across a brand of detergent made solely for the purpose of getting the stink out of workout clothing! WIN Detergent (unlike other detergents) works to dissolves the smelly oil residue from body odor that builds up in your workout gear! Unlike other detergents which are formulated to work primarily only on cotton fibers – the most common clothing fiber, these detergents are powerless against the types of stains and odors that linger in high-performance sportswear. WIN works great for synthetic clothing (the material most athletic wear is made out of) to rid it of the oils and bacteria it collects from your body while working up a sweat, keeping in instead smelling fresh and clean for as long as you keep wearing it!

WIN breaks the bond between the oils and the fibers so your clothing gets truly clean. It is Biodegradable, hypoallergenic and color safe too so you won’t have to worry about it ruining your workout gear! WIN never uses harsh chemicals to get your clothes clean. It uses high-quality ingredients that will not fade or break down the fibers of your clothing like harsher detergents do. Using WIN will actually help your workout gear not only smell better, but last longer too!  It also uses more eco-friendly chemicals and has been awarded the EPA’s Safer Choices seal.

When I received my WIN detergent in both the regular (blue) and sensitive (green), I was a bit skeptical but immediately put it to the test on some of my boyfriend’s athletic clothing he wears to work outside pouring concrete for hours on end each day! He works hard in the heat, working up quite the sweat, and the result is some really nasty, smelly, clothing that never seems to smell good, even after coming right out the wash!

I was incredibly impressed that all that smelliness was immediately gone on his gear when using my new WIN detergent! I cringed and held up one of his synthetic shirts to my nose, right at the smelly armpit after pulling out of the dryer, “here goes… What? No icky smell!!” To my delight, the smell that has been in that shirt since I’ve known the guy is completely GONE! WIN detergent has some serious MAD cleaning skills, as far as I’m concerned!

Whether you’re an avid runner, cycler, or love to do your daily yoga workouts, if you sweat in athletic or sportswear, WIN is the detergent for you! It works fantastic on children’s and teenager’s sporting gear too!

WIN Detergent gets the smell out of workout clothes

WIN makes workout gear smell brand new. Just like you brush your teeth in the morning to have fresh breath, you wash your clothes with WIN so you don’t stink when you show up to a workout or class. Nobody wants to be that person that everyone else backs away from. Oh no!

I feel like this amazing detergent has brought back new life to my workout gear, and I’m saving money by not having to buy new fitness clothes for the New Year too!

WIN Detergent gets the smell out of workout clothes

WIN Detergent gets the smell out of workout clothes WIN Detergent gets the smell out of workout clothes

Over the last few months, as I’ve been using my fabulous WIN Detergent, I’ve also found several more effective uses for it! Check out some of my social media shares below to find out how I’ve been Winning with WIN!

My boyfriend and I play on a co Ed softball team in the summer, but after lots of sweaty hot summer evening games, the stench can really start to stack up in our jerseys.. I’ve been amazed after recently trying @windetergent at just how well it gets rid of stinky (even long time) built up smells out of athleticwear, fitness clothing, and sports jerseys! The detergent is made specifically to work with pulling yuck and body oils out of synthetic fibers, unlike regular detergent that simply cleans and removes stains. #WINdetergent also helps my sports jerseys and workout clothing perform better and last longer too! #sports #softball #fitness #workout #fitnessclothing #fitnessapparel #workout #exercise #sportinggoods #sportsgear #sportsjerseys #jerseys #clothing #detergent #home #cleaning #laundry #launder #cleanliness #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #fitnessblogger

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As you can see above, I’ve found a TON of uses for WIN detergent and had such great results,  I wash ALL of my fitness gear in WIN! I Love that I can now finally run some errands after hitting up the gym without the embarrassment of smelly workout gear!

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Good Luck lovely! xoxo

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  1. I would use this on my work clothes. Although I am female, my husband and I have a carpentry business, and trust me the smell is worse than some work out clothes! I also would use them on the clothes I wear when I use the treadmill or do DVDs in the winter.

  2. I have a few sets of workout clothing (performance fabric, made mostly polyester and spandex) that my regular detergent is having hard time cleaning and deodorizing properly. It would be great for my stinky running clothes to feel and smell clean. Regular detergent doesn’t work.

  3. Jerry Marquardt

    I make and set goals on paper to keep a nice exercise program in order to lose some weight so I am able to reference where I am at at all times. I try to stick to it the best I can by viewing the reality.

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