No Thigh Gap? Well Here’s the Perfect Solution to the Thigh-Chaffing!

I know you’re a major fashionista if you’re reading my blog, and if you’re wardrobe has been limited to pants and jeans thanks to the dreaded thigh chaffing, well then, have I got the perfect solution for you! Start buying those skirts and dresses ladies! Bandelettes have come up with the perfect way to prevent the thigh-chaffing, and let you wear EVERYTHING you love again, comfortably!

Bandelettes are sexy little material thigh guards you wear on each thigh to keep your skin from rubbing against each other, which causes the chaffing. Instead, these sexy little lacy numbers rub against each other, protecting your legs, even when wearing those skirts and dresses bare-legged!

bandelettes thigh bands

bandelettes thigh bands

bandelettes thigh bands

Bandelettes are super easy and comfortable to wear too! Just slide them on like you would those sexy thigh highs, and watch them do their magic! Be sure to pick out your best size when shopping for your new Bandelettes so they will provide the best fit and comfort. The beautiful lace (available in other colors and styles, by the way!) will stretch enough to slide up your leg, and the silicon lined on the top and bottom of the Bandelette will keep them perfectly in place all day and all night long!


Bandelettes are super comfortable, grip well to the leg, and will not roll or slide down. I was seriously amazed to see how well they worked and stayed in place for hours on end when I tried them out myself! They are so comfortable I completely forgot I was even wearing them too, but my thighs didn’t!

These lovely thigh protectors decorate your thighs in a totally sexy way. They are delicate and the beautiful lace fabric is soft and feels nice against the skin as well. This is ultimately the most fashionable, and BEST way to protect your thighs from chaffing! Put em on, and no longer be afraid to go bare-legged with your skirts and dresses ever again!



Want to hear more abut my thoughts on these lovely thigh savers? See my Video Review here:

What are you waiting for ladies? Let Bandelettes help give you the confidence to wear those beautiful skirts and dresses again!  Be sure to check out today! Also available in nude, chocolate, and red!


*I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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