Keeping Your Office Space Organized One StickyNote at a Time- The NoteTower Desktop Pro Organizer + GIVEAWAY

I started this blog six years ago as a creative outlet and hobby to showcase some of my favorite style finds and beauty products. I had no idea in the beginning, it would ever turn into anything I’d spend more than a couple hours of week on, let alone become my full-time job. But in the last two years, it did! I’m so lucky and fortunate to do something I love and make money doing it! I wake up excited to work for the day, and easily spend 40 hours a week (and if you ask my boyfriend- he would probably tell you it’s far more than this) putting work into my brand to be something I can be proud of!

While I’m a pretty organized person (everything has its place in my house) my home office space can look like a complete disaster. I’ve experimented with different ways to keep myself organized, calendars, planners, etc, and what I’ve ended up using most to keep myself and my day on track, is my handy Notes app in my Iphone (when I’m away from my desk), and post-its (when I’m at my desk). Yep, post-its EVERYWHERE. While it may look like mad chaos to an onlooker, I feel somewhat organized and happy having everything I need to keep my day and week properly planned, right there in front of me. I write on my post-its several times a day, and write out my to-do list, motivational positivity reminders and affirmations, sites and references to use in my writing, lists of affiliate, brands, blogging sites I work with, good blogging tips I’ve come across, notes for my Youtube Videos to keep me on track, and about a billion other things!

Here is a picture of my desk to give you an idea of what I’m talking about here:

NoteTower Desktop Pro Organizer

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Yikes, right?! Yeah even just looking at this makes me a little embarrassed and somewhat anxious too, as I really do love organization and everything in its proper place, and this is certainly not organized.

Well, lately I happened on a complete lifesaver for getting my work space more organized, especially my post-its! The NoteTower Desktop Pro Sticky Notes Desk Organizer does just that! It organizes your post-its, print-outs, index cards, and any other paper you need to keep right in front of you! With the NoteTower Desktop Pro, I can have my post-its handy and right there for me to see, but without looking like a huge disorganized mess!

The NoteTower Desktop Pro is innovative and addresses this common problem many of us have but have never been able to find a solution to!   

Although there is the perennial push for the paperless office, with well over 80 Billion Sticky Notes sold throughout the world last year, those little sticky notes are everywhere and can be difficult to manage, and I can certainly attest to that! I spend more on post-its than all of my other office supplies – combined!

The NoteTower Desktop Pro makes organizing sticky notes far easier and has the added benefit of being able to display favorite photos, copy paper, business cards and more. Simply slide the paper item into the flexible clips (it has over 20 in total) and the NoteTower Pro organizes and displays the item in direct view. It also has handy folding arms you can extend from the rear to support heavier copier paper or photos in both the landscape and portrait positions. The NoteTower Desktop Por also has nano-suction pads at the base to provide a temporary bond to your desktop, so it won’t slide around or fall on you, but instead, keeps your notes and papers securely in place. It also leaves no residue behind and can be used again and again, wherever you end up deciding to place it!  If it ever becomes dirty or loses its adhesiveness, simply rinse with water, wipe and let dry then reuse normally.

Here are just a few of the fabulous benefits of using the NoteTower Desktop Pro to keep your office space better organized:

  1. No more sticky notes falling off your monitor
  2. No more clunky photo frames taking up your desk space
  3. No more searching for that misplaced business card
  4. No more stiff neck from contorting when typing text

By providing a central location for your notes and photos, the NoteTower Pro will Un-clutter your desk, Maximize your workspace and Keep you organized. And one major benefit I’ve noticed, is I seem to be calmer at my desk and not as anxious. I am not scrambling through sticky notes looking for that one specific website I need, and looking at my space now just makes me feel happier. It looks beautiful and in a weird way, makes me feel like there is not as much work piling up on me as I have previously thought!

The NoteTower Desktop Pro is made from recyclable ABS plastic, and makes typing documents and data entry a breeze and is ideal for the home and/or office. And the best part is that it does this without any damage to your documents or valuable photos. There is no need for messy tape, glue, pins or tacks! It is Compact, Safe and Easy to Use!

Keeping an organized desk has finally been made fun and easy!


Check out my new perfectly organized desk after using my new Desktop Pro Organizer:

NoteTower Desktop Pro Organizer

Ahh, I feel much more peaceful just looking at it, as you can imagine! I didn’t realize how chaotic my work space was looking with random post-its all over my desk, computer, etc, but it’s looking so much better now!

Watch this cute video Here to see the NoteTower Desktop Pro in Action!

Check it out at

Get it Here on Amazon for just $11.89 and Only $9.89 for the Mini! Both Available in Black or White.  Oh, and purchase includes 50 sheets of standard 3×3 inch yellow sticky notes since the makers of the NoteTower Desktop Pro know just how much you love your sticky notes!


Happy Organizing!


Also, the lovely people of NoteTower are letting me Give 5 of these away! 

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Good Luck Lovelies! 

NoteTower Desktop Pro Organizer + GIVEAWAY

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  1. I have a large filing cabinet, as well as many drawers that help keep me more organized. I could always use more help.

  2. At work I have a bulletin board but since I’m going to atart working at home next week I’ll need one of these

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