How to Organize Your Closet for Summer

Every now and then there comes a time in our lives where we need to make some difficult decisions. Clearing out our closets and organizing them for the upcoming season definitely falls into one of those painful categories. But as much as we dread this tedious line of work, there are certain ways to alleviate this process and make it less aggravating than usual. But just before you start de-cluttering, remember these wise words from the celebrity stylist Stacy London: “Any item in your wardrobe should satisfy one of two criteria: utility and joy.

organizing your closet for summer
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Pile It Up

Making the first step is always the hardest but once you overpass it, the rest will be a breeze. What you will want to do is empty your entire closet and make 3 separate piles. The first pile should be the garments you definitely want to keep. The second pile should consist of the clothes you no longer wear or that no longer fit; basically, the things that should no longer have a place in your closet. Lastly, the third pile is the so-called limbo pile. These are the clothing garments, shoes, and accessories that you probably never wore and quite probably never will but hold a certain sentimental value and you simply do not want to part with them. Everybody has THIS pile.


Make Some Decisions

And now for the part that we all hate: making some tough decisions. If you really want to make some order in your closet, then you will need to learn how to say goodbye to certain things. This being said, choose one garment from the limbo pile to save and toss the rest to the pile of the things you no longer need. This will significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary belongings in your closet space. After you have done this, consider organizing a garage sale, donating the clothes to the less fortunate, or holding a clothing-swap party with friends! Consider this closet purge as a way of making more space for those must-have items that every lady should own.

organizing your closet for summer
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Seasoning Is Key

One of the easiest parts of closet organization is definitely separating the clothes by season. The great thing about organizing a closet for  summer is that summer garments take significantly less space in your wardrobe, meaning you will always have room for some new rags. The best way to divide the clothes is by creating a spring/summer pile and a fall/winter pile. Create a designated area to store all the clothes meant for the colder seasons but make sure to choose a dry and clean storage space to ensure that your clothes stay protected from mildew and dampness. Tip: Store with a dryer sheet for added freshness!

Group and Store

There are a few ways to organize clothes into separate groups and you should stick to the one that suits you personally. One of the most common ways is pairing similar items together, meaning pants go with pants, shirts with shirts, jackets with jackets and so on. Of course, there is always an option of grouping your clothing garments by color or even by separating casual clothes from your business garments.Another good way to organize your closet is by placing together the things you wear on

Another good way to organize your closet is by placing together the things you wear on regular basis or even putting your favorite outfit combinations together.

organizing your closet for summer
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Open Up

In the end, you will want to make your clothes visible and more accessible. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by creating a fabulous walk-in closet. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a humongous area to create one of these, just a few dividers and racks to make the garments more accessible and some essential lighting to make your closet more visible.

Once you survive the horrors of closet organization never in your life will you be able to say the words: “I have nothing to wear.” With just a few simple tricks your closet will be clean, organized and accessible without wasting too much of your time or energy.

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