Permission to Explore Book Review – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Permission to Explore book review

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I’ll admit, I’m kind of a tough cookie when it comes to reading fiction. I tend to sway to the side of non-fiction and enjoy reading books that can help me learn and grow, yeah I’ll just come out and say it, I love self help books! I believe the late 30’s are a time for many of us to grow and work on bettering ourselves and I have no doubt that is why I’ve been so into books that can help me improve my life.

Well, this book is not a self-help book. It’s not non-fiction either. But.. it’s pretty freakin’ amazing!

Permission to Explore by Margret De Bruyn, is The story of a woman – Nikki, who is seeking to find herself. This totally spoke to me and the inner self-improver. Her story felt right in line with where I am at in life.

Nikki is a 37-year-old woman who has been through some extremely tough times, betrayal, loss, and she wanted desperately to reconnect with herself and heal. In response, she books an international cruise ship vacation to get the much alone-time she needed to dig deeper into herself, learn to trust again, regain her strength and self-worth, and once again feel whole and happy. What Nikki didn’t expect, or even see coming, was Chad. Could he be the secret ingredient to her own personal healing? Or is he just another man who will ultimately just get in her way?

This book is the perfect Galentine’s day Read. It is an empowering story that will still speak to the single lady who is trying to find her way or loves to dig deeper into her Inner Badass self, but the book still embodies the romance and sexiness of Valentine’s Day. What you will find by reading it though, is that you don’t have to be single or looking to experience your own personal growth to enjoy this book!

Personally, I think this book is the more adult version of 50 Shades of Gray. It takes you on a similar ride of fantasy and sexiness through sensual domination, but the story is about WAY more than just sex. Permission to Explore tells the story of a truly special, unique, playful, yet sensual dominating relationship and through it, builds on the empowerment of women! And personally, that’s what really connected me to this story! Don’t get me wrong, I love a steamy read, especially since I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day alone this year, but this book spoke to me in so many more ways, and that is why I loved it so much!

Nikki finds her own unique way of healing in this story, and through her self-discovery experience on her solo cruise ship vacation, becomes a more powerful, more confident and trusting women who ultimately becomes more sure of herself, but how exactly does this all happen? Was it there all along? Well, you will just have to read it to find out!

Permission to Explore Book Review

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