Why a PreNatal Vitamin Should Replace Your Daily – Even If You’re Not Currently Trying to get Pregnant + A GIVEAWAY

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I’m one of those weird, rare few who has chosen not to have children. While you would think taking a prenatal vitamin would be the furthest thing from my mind, you might actually be surprised to learn that I do in fact take one daily, and actually have for quite some time!

It all started years ago when I first when on birth control, my ob/gyn told me to start taking a prenatal vitamin. “What?! I’m only 19! I know they like to start young here in Utah, but that is soooo not in my plans right now! I’m young! I’m going to college, I want to start a career first, and marry…” and a million other things ran through my head in that moment. My doc quietly chuckled and went on to tell me how much better a prenatal actually is for me than a regular daily vitamin.

Why a PreNatal Vitamin Should Replace Your Daily - Even If You're Not Currently Trying to get Pregnant

If you do a quick google search, you’ll see that prenatal’s contain more of what you need, (including folic acid, calcium, and iron) especially if you ARE trying to get pregnant, (and it’s recommended you start taking prenatal vitamins up to 3 months before even trying to conceive). While I wasn’t vegetarian at the time (but currently am now), these are actually some good-for-me vitamins, I could really use some extra dosages of, as they are commonly found in dairy and meat.

Obviously, it’s always good to talk to your doctor before starting a prenatal vitamin or thinking about getting pregnant, so you don’t overdo it (as too much of a good thing can still do more harm than good) but a prenatal can be a great way to get an extra dose of what you need if you happen to be running low on some of these key vitamins already…

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Why a PreNatal Vitamin Should Replace Your Daily - Even If You're Not Currently Trying to get Pregnant

When it comes to any vitamin or supplement you take, be sure to do a little research on the brand and product first. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re putting in your body, and some “cheaper” vitamins out there may not be doing you any good, and hello! Who wants to just throw their hard earned money away, which is essentially what you’re doing if you’re not buying the right supplement for your body!

Morningpep makes a totally affordable, great quality prenatal vitamin that has been carefully crafted with all essential nutrients to help support the mother and a growing baby. This easy to swallow daily supplement contains a special superior blend of ingredients to specifically help reduce morning sickness and nausea. How fantastic is that?! It is made to be maximally effective in supporting brain, eye, and nervous system function as well.

You certainly get that extra dose of folic acid with the Morningpep prenatal, but what’s more, is that it comes in the form of L-Menthl Folate, (800 MCG) which is the most bioavailable and easily absorbed form of folic acid and folate on the market.

These vitamins are easy to swallow and are also tasteless so it won’t be adding to any nausea you may have already experienced in your pregnancy.

Morningpep also includes 25 MG of a superior blend of probiotics and enzymes as well, which is yet another reason why I love taking this supplement so much, even though I’m not currently trying to get pregnant. Many of us are short on probiotics, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian like I am, and avoid yogurt and other animal products high in probiotics.

Not only does Morningpep prenatal support a healthy pregnancy, but it also supports breast health (another bonus for those of us women who have chosen not to have babies- as research has shown we tend to be at higher risk for breast cancer than women who have had children), healthy estrogen levels, and the immune system too, so you can hopefully avoid those nasty winter colds and flu!

Oh and best of all, Morningpep prenatal vitamins may also help with those not-fun hormonal mood swings! Woohoo! Now your partner loves your prenatal as much as you do! 😉

Morningpep is also manufactured and packaged right here in the USA!


Whether you’re looking to get pregnant or just want a daily vitamin with a little extra kick like I do, Morningpep Prenatal has got you (and your baby) covered!

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Happy Healthy Living!

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Good Luck Lovely! xoxo

Why a PreNatal Vitamin Should Replace Your Daily - Even If You're Not Currently Trying to get Pregnant + A GIVEAWAY
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11 thoughts on “Why a PreNatal Vitamin Should Replace Your Daily – Even If You’re Not Currently Trying to get Pregnant + A GIVEAWAY”

  1. I’m older now and for sure am not having any more children! Because of my hormones I’m having really bad mood swings. I wonder if these would help. I don’t eat much so all the extras might keep me healthier.

  2. I have actually never stopped taking one since having my son!! My Dr said they are great for all women in child bearing years even when not expecting!!

  3. We are actually trying to conceive so I would love to try out the vitamins and hey even if I don’t get pregnant they could still really help me out!

  4. Darlene Carbajal

    I am not pregnant at the moment or plan to be, but I would love to take these as a daily vitamin because prenatal vitamins are way better.

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