Proof That Lace Is Not Just for Wedding Gowns

Proof That Lace Is Not Just for Wedding Gowns

Lace is an easy wedding choice. It’s ornate, which makes it perfect for elaborate occasions such as a ceremonial union, and it easily fits the bill when you’re looking for something stylish and traditional. But while lace evokes thoughts of “I do” and your grandmother’s crochet doilies, lace can surprisingly be a versatile design material that you can use from designing your home to adding a splash of femininity to your wardrobe.

Lace can work with a variety of decorative pieces, be these planters, papered walls, or polished hardwood side tables. The patterns in each lace material can also be custom-made to fit your taste and liking. If you’re brainstorming unique ways to jazz up your personal stuff, these lace-inspired projects may just be what you need.

Make a Lace-Patterned Notebook

This simple coffee-table project works best for fabric or canvas-covered notebooks. It’s fun to make with only the most rudimentary materials. Aside from being a unique addition to your work desk, these can make for perfect custom gifts as well.

A Beautiful Mess gives you a step-by-step guide on how to make one on your own. Experiment with different patterns and colors.

A Lace Treatment for Your Ceiling

There are plenty of ways to spice up a plain ceiling, but if you’re looking for something rather uncommon, a lace stencil treatment is worth considering. You can use a different color from the ceiling’s natural hue to create contrast if you have a high ceiling.

Or if you want to be more subtle, choose a complementary color that dazzles in the light. It creates delightfully classic results and goes well with a statement chandelier piece. This creative idea applies to your floor as well.

Doil Up Your Pillow

A lovely idea for a spring home decor is to add a little bit of detail to your plain sitting-room throw pillows. This is especially great for dollar-store throw pillows.

Simply stitch your doilies onto your pillow pieces to a pattern of your own choosing. You can create pretty dandelion patterns or simply stitch a vintage lacing around the surface of the pillow. Take inspiration from this simple project from Running with Sisters.

Use Leftover Lace to Wrap Up Your Presents

The art of gift giving encompasses not just what you wrap inside but also how you present it to the recipient. A well-wrapped gift tells the receiver how much thought and effort you’ve put into making the act even more special.

A clever and inexpensive way to do this is to use a lace wrap. It’s elegant, it’s exquisite, and it doesn’t cost a lot.

Just take this fabulous example. Before the lace wrapping, the present is first wrapped in a paper of a similar color, and a ribbon that adds a lovely contrast to the boxed lace gift is used. Experiment with your creativity, and don’t forget to share what you come up with.

Lace Up Your Windowpane

While a lace curtain is also a great idea to doll up your windows, a lace stencil design is definitely one to steal looks. Forget the blinds.

Decorate half or a third of the glass, leaving enough room for light to pass through. Here, you have free rein on what design to portray, and the results are satisfying.

Dress Up Your Table with a Lace Runner

Decorating for spring? Liven up your dining table ensemble with a charming lace table runner. If you don’t want to spend, you can simply make one of your own by stitching up a bunch of doilies together. Add a vase of fresh flowers at the tabletop, and your kitchen is set up for the new season.

Stencil Your Furniture

A great way to spruce up blandly painted chiffoniers and console tables is by stenciling them up with classy lace patterns. This adds character to your furniture pieces especially if you’re going for a sophisticated look for a specific room. Choose fine patterns and a complementary paint color so that the stenciled patterns don’t appear too bold.

Dress Up Your Candleholders

Who needs an expensive candleholder when you can customize your own using simple lace trims? Turn regular tea light candles into stunning statement pieces such as these black lace candleholders that are perfect for Halloween.

Create Your Own Signature Footwear with Lace

Add a dab of chic detail to your sandals by stitching a lace trim to ordinary cuffs. This glamorous piece of footwear is perfect to pair with your favorite dress and is just right for either formal or casual occasions.

Another footwear idea is lacing up your boots to give it the boho appeal. Add some feather and leather elements, and you have fantastic boots perfect for short outfits and long skirts.

Incorporate Lace into Your Wardrobe

Don’t have time to shop for a special occasion? Doll up that ordinary dress into something more edgy and elegant.

A simple lace treatment is all you need to create a stunning piece of garb all ready for the special day. Sarah of the blog Our Life Is Beautiful turned this Anthropologie dress into something of her own with a little touch of personality that cost nothing more than $8 a yard.

Final Word

If you’re taking the home-decoration challenge into your own hands, experimenting with uncommon materials is a great way to tinker with the wonderful possibilities of DIY. Lace is fun to work with, and with a little stretch of your imagination, many things become possible. See for yourself.

What are some of your favorite lace pieces? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you!

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  1. I love lace and these are really great ideas! I really like using lace for a ceiling update, i think the contrasting color idea would be gorgeous.

  2. gloria patterson

    I like the way you think! I always save ever piece of lace that I come across you just never know when or where you could use it.

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