The Pros and Cons of Buying Jewelry Online

The Pros and Cons of Buying Jewelry OnlineIn recent years, buying jewelry online has become more and more of a common practice, with many of the finest and most reputable jewelers in the trade offering you their services regardless of their location. However, there are some unique advantages and inconveniences that come with buying jewelry online.

Here are the pros:

1. Price

With so many jewelers available online it is naturally a competitive market. As such, it means that you can find some exceptionally good bargains. Furthermore, because online stores have far less overheads to deal with, prices tend to be further reduced. They are in a far greater position to give you a lower price.

2. Convenience

There was a time when your location would greatly affect your accessibility to jewelry. For many, that is still the case when local towns might only have one or two jewelers. Online shopping means that you now have countless stores available to you and you are able to browse items at your leisure. Additionally, you’re not restricted by opening hours, meaning you have access to the stores regardless of time.

3. Range

With traditional bricks and mortar shopping, stores are limited with how much they can stock, meaning that your choice is greatly reduced. However, wholesale online stores are in a position to stock a far greater selection because they are not restricted by displays and square footage. Even if they don’t have an item in stock, you are still able to view the item and place an order for it, which is much more difficult to do with a brick and mortar store.

And here are the cons:

1. Extra Costs

You might be saving on the price of your items, but you may find that you’ll incur additional charges with an online store. For instance, shipping charges can be pricey, particularly if you live overseas. And if you are ordering from another country, you may find that you will have to pay import tax. More expensive items may need to be insured for shipping and some stores may even have a minimum spending policy.

2. Handling

Some people might argue that there is no better way to purchase jewelry than to try it on and physically hold it. All the HD pictures and elegant adjectives in the world can’t replace the actual feel of the jewelry on the wearer. One possible solution is to browse the website of a known retailer and then visit their store if it is convenient to you. Most big jewelry stores like ascot diamonds have their own website so you can at least be prepared for your visit to the store.

3. Time

Whilst many online stores are reliable and deliver within a matter of days, some may have a far longer delivery time, which could be troublesome for some people. Be sure to check the item is in stock and what the delivery times are before you place an order.

Whatever you do, just be aware that you purchase online at your own risk. Try to get as much information as possible, such as reviews and references, before you buy any expensive item online. Any store of repute, be it online or bricks and mortar, should offer a decent refund/return policy.

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