Re-Designing My Master Bedroom

I’ve recently been re-designing my house with some major updates to the master bedroom as well as a huge kitchen remodel.

I have always shied away from interior design and it has always seemed a bit difficult for me, but I decided to give it a try by re-decorating the master bedroom. I was so pleased with the outcome, I’ve since moved onto the dining room and formal living rom.

I had an asian theme going on in my bedroom (I’ve had it this way for about the last six years) and decided to update with some more pretty neutrals. My house is painted very neutral, with lots of beiges and whites throughout, so I decided to stick to this theme in the bedroom as well.

I swapped out my dark cherry wood bedroom set for a more modern, and more oversized look from Restoration Hardware. I picked up the St. James bed frame, two oversized night stands, and a very oversized, tall dresser to give the room a grandeur feel. I especially love this bedding set because its made from old-refurnished wood, that will only look better with time as it gets more worn in. (If you have animals too, this is a great piece of furniture to use so that scratches don’t show up).  I picked a light wood that I knew would go great with very neutral bedding.

I then picked out a beautiful luxurious

Santorini mirror from Z Gallerie, as well as these cool Pinnacle table lamps. I decided to go with beige jacquard bedding (I also updated a similar fabric in my reading nook on the north side of the room) and got some big fun textured Surya throw pillows from, as well a beautiful white quilt to lay across the foot of my bed.

To finish off the look, I got some big draped Vienna white curtains from Z Gallerie as well, and a big oversized white chairwhite faux fur chinchilla throw, and a cool Mirrored Cube end table to sit under my TV and hold my Apple TV hidden away. All of these pieces from Z Gallerie.


What I ended up learning from redesigning my bedroom, is that interior design is a lot like picking out your outfit. You want to find a focal point, and let the rest of the room (like your outfit) stand back a bit but compliment the piece you want the focus on, like that spectacular faux leather jacket, or those killer bright blue heels.

Instead of having the busy asian theme with the red lamps, green curtains, etc, I decided to make my big bed the focal point by adding lots of throw pillows in fun textures (This would also be a good place to add some color to the room, although I think I will be keeping mine neutral for the mean time). Then keep the rest of your theme neutral. I stuck with the same woods, and the same silver, mirrored pieces to keep the feel of the room “together.”

Although like fashion, I’m drawn to very unique, statement-making pieces, such as this beautifully designed mirror, and these incredibly fun and unique pinnacle lamps, I kept my whole bedroom neutral with the colors, so as to not overwhelm the eyes. This way, the eyes fall on the focal point, the bed, but can slowly drift around the room and appreciate the truly unique, beautiful pieces and furniture, but without overwhelming the on-looker.

I’m pretty much done with my bedroom now except I would like some beautiful decor to sit on top of my dresser. ( I currently just have some perfume bottles sitting on top, in the center).  I’m looking for one or two eye-catching pieces that stay with my neutral, silver, mirrored theme. Maybe a bit vase, or some silver candlesticks, or something of that nature.  I like taking my time when decorating to happen upon the pieces I want to add to my room. One lesson I’ve learned with re-decorating, is that you do not want to rush and buy all your pieces just so your room will be complete. Take your time and wait for the right pieces (art, lamps, decor) to find you. Then you will truly love each piece that completes your beautiful room.

What do you think of the re-design of my Master Bedroom? Is it your Style? What would you do differently? What pieces do you think would look great sitting on top of the oversized dresser?

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