Single Ladies Valentines Day Pampering Ideas + The Perfect Pampering Products

pampering products for valentines day: aromaniceValentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether or not you’re coupled up for the most romantic day of the year, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it to the max with a little self-love and some great pampering tips and products!

This Valentine’s Day, I will be treating myself to some luxury me-time with some high-end, super luxurious, super moisturizing products from Aromanice! This amazing line of hair and body products are the perfect products to add to a major pampering session this V-Day!

The fabulous thing about these wonderful pampering products is that they are great for year round too, especially in the spring and summer! They protect and treat dry skin from the cold dry winters, as well as the humid hot summers!

The line is super hydrating and especially great for this dry, cold, time of year! I start off with a luxurious lather and wash with the Aromanice Goat Milk Moisturizing Body shower Cream with Lavender! The lavender in this product provides some fabulous relaxation benefits, so you can feel like you’re getting the ultimate spa treatment, right at home! The shower cream comes in two different sizes, 300ml & 620ml (the 620 ml comes with a handy pump for easy application) and lathers up really nicely on the skin. A little goes a long way! The shower cream feels incredibly moisturizing and leaves skin feeling silky, smooth, and super soft, even before applying lotion out of the shower!  The shower cream is non-irritating, great for all skin types, and super cleansing too. In fact, the lavender it contains is a great ingredient for giving the skin an extra boost of purifying and cleansing! This awesome shower cream also contains Vitamin C and other antioxidants to give skin a healthier look and feel, and a really nice glow too! The goat milk in this product is great for helping the skin retain moisture, even out of the shower! It is super moisturizing, leaving dry skin feeling silky and smooth!

aromanice shower cream with lavender

One my skin is clean and left feeling amazing, I move onto my hair and use the Aromanice Goat Milk Refreshing Shampoo with Lavender (Also available in 300 ml or the large pump 620 ml). Lavender shampoo works especially good for oily hair, to help balance it out, and leaves it feeling and looking clean, refreshed, and soft and will give it a lustrous shine too! Even if your hair is on the dryer side like mine, it will still love this super hydrating shampoo! This fabulous shampoo is great for dandruff control as well!  It works equally as well for strengthening the elasticity of hair, leaving it stronger and healthier, and will give it a beautiful luster too. The shampoo also contains rosemary extract which adds body to hair, soothes the scalp, and promotes healthy hair. The goat milk contained in this shampoo provides extra nutrients and antibodies to the hair and once hair is washed, it feels incredibly lighter and softer after using this innovative shampoo!

aromanice shampoo

After shampooing, I turn to the Aromanice Goat Milk Repairing Herbal Conditioner. This conditioner is rich and creamy and intensely nourishing to the hair. It is great for dry hair and works well to repair split ends, increase hair elasticity, and it leaves hair looking ridiculous healthy and shiny after use! You will also find Soapsberry in this awesome conditioner, which is great for cleaning, softening, and hydrating the hair as well. The Hydrolized silk protein found in this conditioner works to penetrate the cortex of each hair strand, providing even more strength and moisture to the hair. This ingredient also helps the hair retain moisture, even out in dry, cold, winter conditions! I found my hair to be incredibly soft, smooth, shiny, and well moisturized after washing and conditioning with these fabulous Aromanice hair products!

aromanice goat milk and lavender bath and body products

Once out of the shower, while my skin is still a bit damp, I lather up with the Aromanice Goat Milk Moisturizing Body Lotion with Lavender. This lotion is rich and creamy yet soaks into the skin right away, leaving it feeling super soft and hydrated, without being greasy or heavy. It is a great lotion for dry climates, and dry skin, but works well for oily skin as well, helping it retain proper balance of moisture.  This lotion contains a unique variety of botanical extracts, as well as healthy vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed into the skin and are very effective for nourishing and smoothing the dermis. The goat milk helps replenish moisturize to the skin, as well as helps it retain it too. The soothing lavender extract cleanses and purifies the skin, and the Alfalfa extract (thanks to being rich in vitamins) results in skin looking and feeling healthier too! My skin felt amazingly soft and smooth after using it, and I noticed a big difference in how much more hydrated my dry skin seemed after using this lovely lotion!

aromanice goat milk and lavender bath and body products

Last but not least, I finish up with the Aromanice Lavender Goat Milk Hand Cream. This luxurious hand cream helps smooth and moisturize hands, and also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the hands too! The goat Milk used in this hand cream is great for protecting the skin of the hands, hydrating it and helping it retain moisture. The soothing lavender cleanses and purifies the skin, and the raspberry extract in this hand cream helps to quickly penetrate the skin with this luxurious hydrating cream and nourishes the skin of the hands too. My hands feel amazingly soft and smooth after using this hand cream daily, and I love that daily use is providing awesome anti-aging benefits to my skin too!

aromanice goat milk and lavender bath and body products

These products are fabulous for getting some ultimate pampering in this Valentines Day!


Check out My Video below for more Pampering Ideas  This Valentines Day:

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Happy Beautifying!


*This is a sponsored post by Aromanice. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.
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