What your Skincare Regimen is Missing

Carrying around some extra weight for the holidays? Yeah they can be stressful for sure, and unfortunately that’s probably not the only thing you’re carrying around. How about all that old, dead skin?! I know totally gross, but it’s true. Our skin cells are constantly dying and instead of falling right off and making it easier on us, they sit right on the skin, fading our natural glow, making our skin look older, and unfortunately doing no extra favors for our tone and texture either. In fact all that sun you got this summer that showed up as horrible sun spots… well they can fade usually quite easily, just be removing the dead layers of skin.

While there are lots of different ways to remove dead skin cells, peels, creams, scrubs, sometimes finding a quick, super effective method can be a little more difficult. These forms of exfoliating usually take a period of weeks before you notice much of a difference. Yet we all know, that a visit to the derm’s office can usually be a great quick fix. Unfortunately though that is just not always in our budget. Luckily, there are some very unique, very quick-working tools out there that can help you achieve doctor visit-like results, in virtually no time at all!

Enter… the PMD Personal Microderm. As we all know, microdermabrasion is a great way to remove those dead skin cells, but again, often times we only find this in creams that take a while before showing good results. PMD has created the most amazing tool to give you an intense microdermabrasion treatment in just one sitting, that will show some amazing results immediately!

By using the PMD Personal Microderm you will improve the overall appearance of skin, by removing dead skin cells that may otherwise be hard to remove, revealing a more youthful, even, smoother, tone and texture. This also helps immensely with allowing the skin to absorb more of your products, by about 20 times more in fact! That means no wasted product, and you’re going to not only notice amazing benefits from your PMD Personal Microderm, but also from using those anti aging serums and and skin creams too, because they are penetrating the skin more effectively! See how adding a PMD to your nightly skincare routine can greatly benefit your skin?!

pmd microderm

So how exactly does the PMD work? Well it combines the power of patented technology with a perfectly calibrated vacuuming suctioning system to give you smoother, brighter, and more even tone and texture, and of course amazing anti-aging benefits like reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminishing sun spots too! It even helps with acne, scars, and enlarged pores too! I know what you’re thinking, vacuum?! Yeah I thought that too, and wondered just what in the world this device would be doing to my face!

pmd microderm

It’s actually a lot less scary than it sounds. You just place an exfoliating disc on your PMD, then glide the PMD across your skin, upwards and outwards, The cup surrounding the exfoliating disk will actually suck the skin in a bit (like a vacuum) making it so that you get the best possible exfoliation of the skin. Otherwise you’re just gliding it over the skin and only semi-exfoliating it. Sound familiar? Yep, that’s what all the other exfoliating products on the market work, and that’s also why they are not as effective. The PMD will actually suck the skin in a little bit (don’t worry it doesn’t hurt at all, just feels a little weird but you get used to it fast!) to give you the best maximum exfoliation possible.

*You can see the baggie of discs in this picture below, to allow for different skin types, such has sensitive skin. They also have more powerful exfoliating discs once you’ve been using it awhile, and even discs you can use to exfoliate the skin on your body too!

pmd microderm

This is the green disc I’ve been using the last few weeks, which is a good beginner disc to get you used to the process before advancing to more textured discs. You can also see the tiny aluminum oxide crystals on the end of it, which is what is used to exfoliate your skin and remove the dead skin cells.

pmd microderm

To use the PMD Personal Microderm, its actually really easy. Just start with a clean face. Then use the PMD before applying skin creams, serums, or lotions of any kind. You just plug in the power cord and connect to your PMD, turn the on button and you’re ready to go! (Just make sure you select which disc you would like to use first and place on the PMD before plugging in and turning on). The cool thing is they give you a practice disk with no crystals you can use the first few times to get a hang of the motion, and the PMD, before actually starting with the exfoliation process.

Once your PMD is on, start at the bottom of your face. I started in the center of my chin, then worked my way out and up to the right, gliding against the jaw line. Then you will repeat stepping up, and moving up and outward again up to your ear. Never cover the same area twice. Once done with the right side of your face, start on your left face by once again starting at the bottom.

When you use the PMD, you will know you’re doing it right when it sucks your skin up like the vacuum technology we were talking about earlier. Once it is suctioning, move quickly across the skin. You’ll also see that you need to pull skin taut to help it get a good suction and also help with gliding across the skin in one, smooth quick motion, at least on the cheek area anyway. I found that my forehead was tight enough I didn’t have to pull the skin taut there.

Once finished, wash dead skin off face, dry, and apply a balancing toner to neutralize the PH in the skin, before moving onto your skin creams. Repeat PMD treatment ever 6-7 days! And don’t forget to give your PMD a good wipe down after each use too!

Check out this how-to video to see the PMD in motion! It’s not nearly as scary as you might think!

pmd microderm

Over the last few weeks of trying out my PMD Personal Microderm, I was immediately and completely blown away with how much softer and smoother my skin felt after each treatment! I noticed a big difference in my skin texture right away! The treatment also didn’t leave my face red or anything right after use, but instead had a nice glow that I noticed right away too! Also, the third thing I noticed after the very first treatment, was how much more product (skin cream) my skin soaked up after use. It was an amazing difference! When they say your product will absorb 20 times more while using your PMD, they are totally not kidding! I couldn’t believe the difference!

After a few weeks, my sun spots seem to be fading a bit too and my skin is looking a bit more even as well. I’ve also noticed acne improvement too, probably because the dead skin cells sitting on my face were clogging my pores. I don’t have a whole lot of acne but I get a few blemishes here and there and while using my PMD, they have gone away faster and there have been less of them too!

I can’t wait to continue use of my PMD weekly to see what other great anti-aging benefits I will get over time, like hopefully diminishing some smile lines, that would be great! I also hope to even out my skin tone even more too!


Overall, I’m pretty blown away with this incredibly innovate, super effective beauty tool you can use at home and get derma office-like results with! My skin feels and looks so much brighter. My makeup seems to go on more smoothly and hold for longer too! I also tend to get dry skin, and haven’t experience any since using my PMD!


If you would like to learn more about the PMD Personal Microderm, or pick one up for yourself or a loved one this Holiday Season, then be sure to visit them at GetPMD.com. It’s is also available in lots of cute, bright colors!

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Happy Beautifying!


*I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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