Teeccino and TeeChia Cereal Review

I’m not the worlds biggest coffee drinker, in fact I mostly drink tea because I like the taste better and I’m a little caffeine sensitive. I can drink a few cups of tea and never get the jitters but too much coffee, and I’m shaking like there’s no tomorrow! I usually avoid coffee for this reason, so you can imagine how excited I was to find out about a great caffeine-free alternative that provides natural energy, has potassium and soluble fiber, is non-acidic, rich in insulin, is 75% organic. and is completely gluten free!

I bet you didn’t know such a thing existed did you? It does! It’s called Teeccino! They have AMAZING coffee and teas that will make you feel like you just drank that cup of coffee, minus the jitters, and you’ll also get a lot of other health benefits!

I was so excited to try out these delicious flavors Teeccino offers! I got the French Roast and Mocha coffee, but there are TONS of yummy flavors to choose from, both light and medium roasts!

I absolutely loved these coffees! They are ground so I could use them in my Keurig, so I immediately loved that. I’ve drank a cup almost every day since I got my Teeccino coffees, and absolutely love them! They taste amazing! The French Roast was my favorite but I really loved the Mocha as well. I just added a little bit of my Torani Hazelnut syrup and I was good to go! Best of all. no jitters whatsoever! I felt the energy a cup of coffee usually gives me but without the shakes! My caffeine addicted husband even drank them a few times and really liked the flavor and the boost of energy it gave him too!

Next I tried these delicious hearbal coffee teas. They come in tea bags. I loved the taste especially the Hazelnut flavor. I added a little sweetener to my teas too since they can be a bit strong, especially if they’ve been sitting in your cup a while. I loved how easy they were to use and loved the natural energy they gave me as well!

I highly recommend these coffees and teas to anyone who loves their hot morning drinks. They work for anyone since they have no caffeine but will still give you a boost of energy! I never needed more than one cup a day but loved that I could drink one really late in the day if I wanted. I wouldn’t dream of drinking a caffinated drink after 2 pm, because I know it would keep me up all night, but not my Teeccino! I can drink it anytime day or night and still be able to nod off with ease at bed time.

Lastly, I got to try a couple different flavors of TeeChia cereal! Let me tell you, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I like my super high fiber, low sugar breakfast cereals and they are about impossible to find! Over the last year, I’ve been adding chia and flax seeds to my cereal so I LOVED that TeeChia comes with both, PLUS Quinoa for protein, Amaranth, Ramon, and Pumpkin seeds! How amazing is that?! These cereals are packing a serious super-healthy punch!

The directions say to add something sweet to it like milk or stevia. I used plain water to mix with it (its kind of like oatmeal- the way it looks and its consistency) but then added some fresh or frozen berries to it and that was the perfect amount of sweetness for me! I loved how it tasted but I’m warning you, if you love sugary cereals, this will probably not suit you. If you, like me, are looking for a super healthy, delicious, low in sugar cereal, that still tastes great, than TeeChia is it!

The thing I loved most about this cereal was how full it kept me! I eat at like 7 am and am normally starving by noon, but I made it until almost 2 or 2:30 everyday before I started to feel hungry. I was totally amazed by that! I love that, because then I don’t feel like I’m snacking all day long.

I ABSOLUTELY will continue to buy both Teeccino Natural Coffee and TeeChia cereals in the future! I’m so excited about both of them and absolutely love how heathy they both are and how great they taste,  make me feel, and especially because they seem to make me eat less throughout the day!

If you’re interested in learning more or picking up some for yourself (you won’t regret it!) Check out Teeccino.com and TeeChia.com today!

Happy Dining!

These products were given to me by NaturallySavvy.com but the thoughts and feelings expressed in this review are of my own opinion.
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