Tips for Keeping Warm and Staying Stylish this Winter

Although fashion is a year-round lifestyle choice, winter style can often end up being neglected in favour of the bigger level of choice available during the summer months. Any attempt at winter fashion is usually bundled up under layer after layer, not to mention shapeless coats, hats and more. This can totally destroy the effects of your intended look and leave you to blend in with the crowd rather than standing out. However, this needn’t be the case. Who says you can’t stay on-trend and keep warm at the same time?

Of course, fashion aside, keeping warm should always be a priority. It is vital to look after yourself during the colder months of the year, as improper clothing can leave you susceptible not only to the weather but also to the influx of colds, flu and other nasty health issues common throughout the season.

On the other hand, maintaining a stylish approach to your wardrobe choices is something which many of us take pride in doing. Fashion is a lifestyle choice, a conscious decision that we make in order to ensure that we look good and feel great, no matter the season. For that reason, it’s vital to find ways which enable us to continue looking our best without compromising on the practicality of our clothing.

Tips for Keeping Warm and Staying Stylish this WinterHere are some top tips for finding the perfect balance between style and warmth while dressing for any occasion this winter!


Layering is a popular fashion choice in cold weather, but how often do you really pay attention to the number of layers you are planning to wear? The beauty of layering is that you can easily take off the outermost layers for staying inside, then get huddled up to stay warm again once you head outdoors. It’s one of the most practical and efficient ways of keeping warm – particularly for those who are facing a day of constantly heading in and outdoors. For those super cold days, a thermal base layer can be a brilliant way to keep your body heat in while leaving the style to your outer layers.

Tips for Keeping Warm and Staying Stylish this WinterAccessories

Leaving the most popular winter accessories alone for a moment, accessories make the perfect way to add an instant touch of class and sophistication to a dull outfit. Many people choose not to wear accessories during the winter as they worry jewellery could become tangled up in layers, coats and cuffs, for example, but by being sensible with your choice of accessories, there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of your wardrobe. Eye-catching cufflinks for men are a great way to add some shine to a work suit or more formal outfit, whereas for women, a pair of elegant earrings will be sure to steal the show.


How often have you gone out in winter only to find that you can’t feel your feet within minutes? The extremities of your body, particularly your hands and feet, are the most susceptible to cold weather and biting winds, so it’s important to dress appropriately and ensure they are kept warm at all times. While fluffy socks and slippers are great for relaxing at home, when you’re out and about or heading to work, a more professional look is required. Many women swear by thick tights and cable-knit or fleece hosiery to ward off the chill, but if your look involves boots, the good news is that you may still be able to get away with those favourite fluffy socks!

Of course, at the end of the day, fashion should be all about celebrating your individual personality and sense of style. While dressing to suit the colder weather may not be as fun and exciting as picking out the perfect summer outfit, you should aim to see winter fashion as a challenge to be embraced rather than an inconvenience.

Happy Styling!

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  1. The one thing In LOVE about winter is the cute sweaters!! I love the layers and cozy cardigans!! Flowy is my style so anything oversized wins my heart!

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