Top 15 Time-saving Tools for Bloggers to Help Them Excel

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A number of useful free tools are present online for effective use by the writers in order to increase their content quality and improve visibility. According to Your Writing Services experts, engaging the audience is possible with relevant, interesting content, as well as visual attractiveness of the blog. They have compiled a list you can check out below!

Blogging tools- free for bloggers

The top list of time-saving tools of all times for bloggers:

1. LeechBlock – helps its users to calculate the time spent on writing, research, referencing, proofreading, reading etc.

2. Quabel – a word processor, which helps you to write as well as inset graphics, images, and tables in the document. There is a shortcut for every function and you don’t need to be a computer expert to use it.

3. Copyscape – helps you make sure that your work is unique. Plagiarism is a big issue online and with the help of a plagiarism checker, nobody would be able to claim that your work is not yours.

4. – one of the great service providers online which would help you to write any kind of paper, thesis or an essay. You just have to follow a step by step procedure and you would end up with a finished product.

5. Write or Die – Many writers have a problem with organizing their time. They need constant reminders; otherwise, they are unable to complete work on time. In order to get rid of this problem, you need a radical scheduling program that will remind you from time to time about the work that has been left behind by you.

6. Jing – an extremely useful tool for taking snapshots and recording your videos. You can even share the images with the others!

7. Thinglink – a useful piece of software to add any kind of writing with the images.

8. Canva – a designing tool for the content you write as customization is quite easy with the help of this software.

9. PicMonkey – is basically a photo editor, but you can customize designs and create various combinations of pictures with its help.

10. Piktochart – helps users to create tables, charts and graphics in the content to make it more relevant and good-looking.

11. HTML Link Generator –. In order to check whether your HTML content is optimized, and to check its linkage to other websites, you can use this software.

12. Firebug – helps the users with web content development. Your network’s performance is analyzed by the program so you can improve your content anytime.

13. Notepad++ – is an invaluable assistant for users needing to edit the source code. This software can deal with a number of languages and it has been written in C++ language. This software is really small and has high execution speed.

14. Fonts –You can choose a number of fonts from various sources in this tool. Choosing the correct font for your blog is extremely necessary.

15. Google Page Speed Insights – shows the speed of your website as well as the SEO ranking of the content you have published online. Your blog needs to have a good SEO ranking in order to get attention from a huge number of readers.


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Happy Writing!

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