Travel Blogging: 3 Topics You Can Write About This Week

As a travel blogger, one challenge that you face on a weekly basis is coming up with new topics to write about.

This challenge really shouldn’t be overly hard, especially since there’s really an unlimited number of posts that you could do. Still, you may struggle with coming up with topics that you feel people will want to read about. And if you’re new to blogging especially, then this really may be a serious challenge to you. 

Here are three topics you can write about on your travel blog this week:

Travel Blogging: 3 Topics You Can Write About This Week

1 – Your Favorite Places To Travel

It’s simple: just write about your favorite places to travel. Break this up into a series of posts, where you could even create multiple posts on just one location. 

Talk about your experiences visiting the country or city, the activities you did, the hotel(s) you stayed at, which restaurants you tried and recommend if there are any safety precautions that your readers should know about, and so on.  

Don’t forget to include plenty of high-quality photos and images as well, as they’ll help to boost your search engine rankings.

2 – How To Pay For Things In A Foreign Country

Without question, this is one of the most overlooked topics when it comes to traveling because many first time travelers believe they can just use their credit cards, only to later realize that there are actually high fees with each transaction. 

Create a series of posts on the different payment options one can use and the advantages and disadvantages of each, from credit card to prepaid debit cards to bank wire transfers to money transfer services.

You can also dive further into a step-by-step process of how to use each method. For example, with money transfer services, you can discuss how one can use a service such as Remitly to create an account, convert money, and send it either to themselves or another recipient in another country. As Remitly notes, it’s so simple you can even send money “through our app in the App Store or Google Play.”

3 – Advice For First Time Solo Travelers

You were once a first-time traveler yourself, so looking back, what kind of advice would you want to give yourself?

Again, this is a topic that you could really divide into multiple articles because you can talk about safety tips, tips on saving money, how to get the best deals on hotel rooms and flights, the best places to meet other solo travelers, and whatever else you can think of.

Writing On Your Travel Blog

There’s really no shortage of topics to write about on your travel blog. And remember, you don’t need to feel pressured into writing about what you think your readers and visitors want you to write. It’s your blog, so just write about and post what you want to, and more visitors and readers will come.

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