Trendy Fall Nail Polish Shades from Butter London for Allure Magazine: Review + GIVEAWAY!

It’s no secret by now that I’m a HUGE fan of Butter London! Not only do they have fabulous nail polish in some truly beautiful shades, but they have a new fabulous line of makeup too!

Recently, Butter London teamed up with Allure Magazine for a new line of fun, inspired by the magazine, nail polish shades. Being that I’ve been an avid Allure reader for several years now (If you haven’t read Allure, it is the BEST magazine out there for amazing beauty tips, new products, giveaways, etc!) I got a kick out of the new nail polish names Butter London came up with to represent the magazine. That and of course, how truly fabulous these shades are!

I gotta say, when they showed up, I oohed and awed over the collection!  I couldn’t wait to try them out right away! Some of my favorites ended up being the most surprising ones! I rarely wear nude polish and I have to say that brown, and burnt orange are probably my least favorite colors. But when I tried these colors from the Butter London for Allure Magazine line on, I was completely smitten! Yeah, I never thought I would be a fan of anything brown or burnt orange, but these colors designed by Butter London, when applied to nails… AHH Mazing! Seriously!

Along with these fabulous colors for fall, you can also find a couple of truly beautiful red’s, one of the funnest sparkly black polishes I’ve ever used, as well as a violet-blue, olive green, and and pretty shade of baby pink nail polish (not pictured here).

Butter London for Allure Nail Polish Butter London for Allure Nail Polish Butter London for Allure Nail Polish


This was probably my favorite shade. Butter London’s “Statement Piece” Is a bright orangy-red that looks absolutely intriguing on! It is certainly just that, a Statement piece! Wear this beautiful color with your neutral fall clothing, and you’ll still be bringing the right burst of color to any outfit you wear this season!

butter london in statement piece

Here is the burnt orangy-brown shade I was talking about earlier. Butter London’s “It’s Vintage” is a shade truly worthy of the name. It does remind me of vintage finds from the 70s and with the 70s trend is going strong this year, so why not wear it on your nails?!

I found this shade truly inspiring when looking down on my nails. While I may not be brave enough to rock the 70s color from head to toe (and honestly probably wouldn’t want to!), this fun nail polish in “Its Vintage” is the perfect way to jump on the trendy 70s bandwagon!

butter london in its vintage

butter london in its vintage

This polish was one of the best glittery polishes I’ve ever worn. Unlike most glitter polishes from other brands, that are just a clear top coat with some sparklies in it, Butter London for Allure in Disco Nap, is a black polish with not-your-average sparkles. These sparkles look more like broken pieces of crystal, and boy do they look like a disco ball once one! The polish is super thick so you only need one coat (as you can imagine with all this sparkle). What I loved especially, is that you usually have to use a few coats of sparkly polish from other brands to get even part of your nail covered in sparkles, this polish is jam-packed with sparklies, and this look here,  I got from only one coat! Beautiful right?!

Butter london disco Butter london disco Butter london disco

I loved this pretty shimmery nude, “I’m on the List.” It ups the chic factor of a traditional nude with a bit of added shimmer, and although your nails may blend in with your outfit thanks to it being a nude, when you do catch them in your eye, its like, “oohh pretty!” I love this glamorous, polished twist on a traditional nude.

Butter London for Allure- I'm on the list

i'm on the list by butter london 4 allure

Here’s the shade of dark chocolate brown I wasn’t too sure about to begin with either, at least before I applied it to my nails. Butter London’s “In Lust or Must” (Love this take on Allure Magazines bit they do every month on the pieces we “lust” after and the “must” pieces, similar to the lust items, most of us can actually afford).

Once on, this polish is brown with the first coat, but after applying a second coat, you get a beautiful shade of dark chocolate brown. This actually ended up being one of my favorites and I really thought I wouldn’t like it, being that it’s brown! It looks more like a black when you see it out of the corner of your eye, but without the harshness of black, making it a flattering tone for any skin color. Again this shade brings on that trendy 70s vibe going right now, so it’s another great polish to help you rock the 70s trend without looking like you just walked out of the 70s!

Butter london lust or must

Butter london lust or must

Last but certainly not least, is Butter London’s pretty nude, in “Nude Stiletto.” This polish matched my skin tone perfectly, as a nude stiletto should! I love the pretty shine it has which although your nails look undone, they most certainly do not upon glance. This is a great polish for looking totally put together without looking like your even trying! Which let’s be honest here- is the thing we all aspire for when it comes to our style! To look completely fabulous, while looking like we didn’t even lift a finger to try!

Butter london for allure nail polish in nude stiletto

These shades are so fun and perfect for fall. Whether you read Allure Magazine faithfully like me, or you don’t, these polishes and their names will make you smile and bring some real class, sophistication, and trendiness to your fall look!


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*I was given these products for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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