Trying To Make You Go To Shoe Rehab: What Pairs Do You Really Need In Your Wardrobe?

If there’s one thing us ladies are known for, it’s our love of shoes. And, while we’re all for breaking gender stereotypes, it’s got to be said that this one is often pretty on the nose. While the men in our lives seem to make do with one or two pairs, we can’t imagine coping with any less than…twenty?

Okay, it isn’t always that bad. But, most of us do find that we can’t move for the shoes on our closet floors. After all, you want to have the perfect pair for each outfit you own, right? Before you know, things get out of control. What’s worse, you end up with pairs which only go with that one outfit you barely wear. But, who can complain about that when these babies look so beautiful all in a row? And, does anything beat that feeling of holding a brand new shoe box between your hands?

There is, of course, one issue. You’re working with limited floor space. As such, there’s going to come a time when you need to get real about which shoes you actually need. Hence where shoe rehab comes in. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get by on far fewer pairs than you might imagine. By focusing on staple options with many purposes, you could slash your collection in a significant way.

Of course, this is nothing new. There are websites all across the internet telling you about the ‘shoes you really need in your wardrobe’. But, most of these settle at around the ten-pair mark. Though it might not seem like it now, that’s still a pretty bad addiction! Especially when you consider your man’s nice little four-shoe collection. But, we think we may have solved the issue by taking things down to five. That’s right; we really are saying you could get by on five pairs of shoes. All you need to do is read on to find out how.

The woman in

We couldn’t start this list without mention of the traditional black boot. You don’t need to us to tell you that this is a staple go-to for many women’s wardrobes. Whether you opt for a heeled choice, or something more comfortable like a pair of Doc Martins, this is a must. In fact, you might find that you reach for these babies more than any other pair of shoes you own. But, why do we love our boots so much? And, why do they need to be black? In truth, boots are fantastic because they’re versatile. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a pair of jeans or a dress; you can always make these work. As for the coloring, it’s again a matter of versatility. Opting for bright colored boots is sure to leave you struggling for matches. They might look great, but you’ll again find yourself in a position where these only work with certain outfits. Plus, opting for a cream or white design is sure to lead to marks the moment you walk out the door. By comparison, black boots hide a multitude of sins. That means you can wear them on the rainiest days and not suffer for it. So, you could say that these deserve gold in the footwear stakes.

The heat of the summer sandals

Given that the sun is shining (at last), it’s fitting to mention sandals next. There’s no way around the fact that you need a pair of these in your collection. When the hot weather makes itself known, cramming your feet into enclosed footwear is never the one. Instead, you need to know that you have a light and airy option to turn to for keeping your feet smiling in the sun. And, nothing’s better for that than sandals. Of course, if we’re honest, most of us have a pair of sandals at home which aren’t what you’d call wearable. You know the ones; you only have to look at them to get blisters in places you didn’t even think possible. Those definitely deserve to go on your shoe-based bandwagon. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to make this way for this footwear choice. By opting for comfortable choices, like the Jena Cognac sandals on offer from companies such as Alegria Shoe Shop, you can make this work. And, you don’t need to compromise on appearance to do so. As long as your selection offers support and padding, there’s no reason you can’t find comfort here. It’s also worth looking for soft leather and avoiding options which come between your toes. You don’t need us to tell you how much those can hurt!

Sneak in some sneakers

Sneakers may not be top of your styling list, but these offer more benefits than you might realize. For the most part, it doesn’t get better than these in the comfort stakes. On days when you want to slip into a pair of jeans and not have to worry, these could be your best bet. If you pick a pair which suit, it won’t even feel like you have shoes on your feet when you wear these! As well as looking stylishly effortless, these can lend you an air of sportiness which few other shoes offer. And, who doesn’t like to look as though they could break into a jog at any minute? Get your colors right here, and these also promise to suit near enough any outfit. It’s even possible to make a pair of sneakers go with a long skirt if you’re smart about it. So, if you haven’t given these the time of day before, you might want to think again. Once you sneak in a sneaker habit, it’ll be near enough impossible to look back.

Is it a disco ball? No, it’s your glitter heels

In case you’ve been living under a rock with your fingers in your ears, you might have noticed that glitter on shoes is big this season. We can’t get enough of these babies, and is it any surprise? Who doesn’t want to look like their shoes come fresh from the disco? With a pair of these on your feet, you can add a much-needed touch of glamor to any outfit. In truth, you can get this style on near enough any shoe type you could think of. But, we thought it was apt to mention every woman’s need for a pair of glitter heels. After all, we all need a pair of shoes for big nights out. What better way to make an impression than to add a little glitz to proceedings? Pair these with something like a statement faux fur coat, and you’re sure to look straight out of Hollywood. They may not be either comfortable or versatile like the other options mentioned. But, do you need much convincing that your closet would be better with a pair of these? Besides, having these on hand ensures you don’t have to head out and buy a pricey pair of heels every time someone invites you an evening out. So, we aren’t lying when we say they’re a necessity.


Make like a ballerina with some flats

Last, but by no means least, we’re paying homage to the good old ballerina flats. These beauties may look simple, but they pack a hell of a punch when you include them in your shoe collection. Perhaps the best thing about this option is the fact that they’re easier to slip on than near enough any other shoe you can think of. As such, these are the ideal option for keeping near your door. Forget leaning down and cramming your feet into your other pairs of shoes. Slipping these on is as simple as…well, slipping them on. You won’t need to bend down or fuss around. You can put your feet straight in and get going. As if that weren’t enough, these promise to be more comfortable than you would ever give them credit for. Again, look out for soft leather which promises not to rub your feet. As easy as that, those ballet flats could become a dream. What’s more, these can work with both casual and smart outfits. For instance, a pair of black flats wouldn’t look out of place in an office environment. Equally, they would look perfect with a jean combo when you pop to the shops. What’s more, these are the ideal option for sunny days when you don’t fancy sandals. With the tops of your feet exposed, you can be sure these will be much cooler than, say, your sneakers. If you don’t like getting your toes out, these could be the ideal compromise!


So, that’s our list of the only five shoes you need in your wardrobe. The rest can go the second-hand store without your needing to worry. After all, you can hardly deny that the above options cover every footwear need you could encounter. And, once you get into the five-shoe habit, there’s every chance you won’t look back.

Happy Shopping!

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What are your tips for Spring cleaning out your shoe closet? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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