Turn Your Bare Wall Into A Gorgeous Accent Wall

Are you trying to add a bit of quirky design to one of your rooms? Or perhaps you just want to update the decor and add some very stylish features? Whatever your reason for decorating, have you considered adding an accent wall to the room? These walls are designed differently from the other ones in the room, and this attracts people’s attention as soon as they step through the door. This stylish focal point will really add some much-needed oomph to an outdated or slightly boring interior design!

Think your room could do with a fabulous new accent wall? Here are some great ideas to help you turn your bare wall into a thing of beauty.

Turn Your Bare Wall Into A Gorgeous Accent Wall

Go Darker

If your room is currently painted in cool colors and pastel shades, then it’s a good idea to go for a darker accent wall. This is also one of the simplest options as well, as you can simply leave the wall painted this darker shade. There won’t be any need for adding any more artistic features or decor additions if you don’t want to. It will take you no time at all to paint the accent wall if you use one of the top-rated paint sprayers on the Tool Nerds product review website. Simply add your paint to the sprayer and then use it to quickly and smoothly cover the wall. Job done!

Add Some Vintage Wallpaper

If you would rather not paint your new accent wall, you could just add wallpaper instead. This will be a nice touch if the rest of your room is painted as it will add some new textures to your room’s decor. Mixing up textures and materials helps to keep your interior design interesting. Vintage wallpaper adds a great elegant touch to all rooms and can help homeowners add some subtle patterns to their decor. One of the benefits of vintage wallpaper over contemporary style is that the patterns aren’t too bold and overbearing, so you don’t have to worry about creating a decor that is completely outlandish.

Turn Your Bare Wall Into A Gorgeous Accent Wall

Gallery Wall

If you want to do a bit more with your accent wall, you might like the idea of creating a gallery wall. It’s up to you whether you use photos or artwork. You might even want to use a mix of both! If you prefer sophisticated room styles, then you should find hang any photos in matching photo frames so that there is a unity on the wall. However, if you prefer a more quirky feel to your interior design, then you can always experiment with frames of different colors and materials. Another way to add some quirkiness to your room is to mix and match different styles of artwork. To ensure all the photographs and art stand out, it’s a good idea to ensure the wall itself is painted the same as all the others in the room. If it isn’t, it might make the whole accent wall feel a bit too messy.


Consider Color Blocking

There is no rule that says your accent wall has to be just the one color. In fact, color blocking often looks fantastic on accent walls. In fact, this is a great chance to get creative with your wall and play around with different shades and colors. One way you can experiment with color blocking is to paint thick vertical lines of different colors. You could always use wallpaper to create wide stripes as well. When you do play around with color blocking, it’s a good idea to stick closely to the other shades that you use in your room. Of course, if you are feeling bold, there is nothing to stop you using completely different colors. Just be sure to consult a color wheel to figure out whether your choice of colors will match all the current shades in your room.

Turn Your Bare Wall Into A Gorgeous Accent Wall

Add Some Storage

Of course, your accent wall can be practical and functional as well as gorgeous and stylish! And don’t worry, just because you create a functional accent wall doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice great style. For instance, you can still follow the first tip in this blog post, to go darker, and can then add some practical features. For example, you might want to fit some shelves onto the wall so that you can store books and display ornaments and photo frames. You might also like the idea of adding some wall-mounted cupboards to the accent walls. Keeping all your storage for the room on the accent wall will allow you to free up space elsewhere in the room.


Make It Pop With Statement Furniture

Creating an accent wall doesn’t have to only be about the things you add to the wall. It’s also possible to improve your wall by strategically placing furniture in front of it. For instance, if you have kept your wall simply by simply changing its color, you can help to make it stand out more by placing an item of statement furniture in front of it. The best options are things like chaises lounges and armchairs. The key to getting this look right is to make sure that the statement furniture is a completely different style, design, or color to the other pieces in your room. By doing so, it will certainly gain attention from anyone who enters the room!

Turn Your Bare Wall Into A Gorgeous Accent Wall

Switch It Up In Each Room

Once you start to realize how fabulous an accent wall can look, you will no doubt want one in every room of your house! And there is nothing to stop you doing this! You just need to remember one thing though – make sure you switch up the type of wall in each room. So, for example, don’t use color blocking for each accent wall. Otherwise, they will lose their wow factor.


There is no wonder why so many interior designers love accent walls! They are simple to create and certainly deliver amazing results! So, what are you waiting for? Create your accent wall today!

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