Vedette Lucille Medium Control BodySuit ShapeWear Review

It’s that time of year when the tiny dresses and skirts come out, but some of us did not quite get into our bikini bodies like we had hoped too! Well don’t let that stop you from wearing your favorite fashion this summer! There is a solution to make you look like you worked hard on that bikini body all spring, even though you actually may have been enjoying a little more TV and a few too many Milky Ways.
That’s right, you can hide the belly pooch, the muffin top, the back flab, the thunder thighs, and even lift the saggy butt! How? Shape Wear of course! Its super easy to use and will get you that perfect beach body!
To demonstrate, I’m wearing a new piece from Vedette Shape wear. The Lucille is a white bodysuit with medium control that will give you a sleek shape especially around the mid section.
I am a choco-holic and eat it everyday, so my stomach is a little less than stellar so I like to hide it when possible. To show you how well the Lucille bodysuit worked for me, here is a picture with my favorite summer white dress before I putt on my Lucille shaper.
Even from the front you can tell my tummy is smoothed out and looks a lot tighter right? Here is some side views to show you the difference.
I flipped to the other side for the second shot not even thinking about it, but you can tell my tummy looks much more shapely and like I really did get that bikini body in time for summer.
Here is what the Lucille looks like from the front and back view:

The front, closures done up:
So what are you waiting for? Quit stressing about not having the perfect body, because who really does anyway?! Get your self some shape wear and I promise you will feel a whole lot more confident in your favorite clothes! You can pick up the Lucille Medium Control Bodysuit  on sale right now for $44 (Reg $66).

Be sure to check out the rest of the fabulous shape wear collection at 

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