Why Playing Ping Pong is a Fun Outdoor Family Game

When was the last time you played Ping-Pong? Or any table game for that matter? The sad truth is that both adults and children are more interested in online games or Facebook/Instagram scrolling, which gulp up our time and keep us pasty and soft!

I say it’s time to throw away our phones (aka place safely on the table) and go outside and have some fun! I find Ping-Pong extremely interesting and demanding, which is why I will discuss its benefits for the entire family.

It is a Physical Challenge

Even though it doesn’t look like much, ping pong is a physically challenging activity! All the small steps you have to take back and forth, the fact that you are always ready to jump from one corner of the table to another, and the focus required, makes this a great fitness activity for all ages.

This means you can get everyone involved in the game, without anyone feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the activity.

It is a Mental Challenge

Ping Pong is not just about bumping a small ball back and forth on a table; it’s also about understanding special orientation, learning how to appreciate distances, and keeping your focus for long intervals. It’s one of the reasons why doctors recommend it as a mental activity for the young and the old.

So, when you play with the kids, you are learning together, which is both fun and educational.

Creates a Strong Bond between Players

In reality, any fun family activity (outdoors and indoors) creates bonds between participants. Still, I like to believe that Pink Pong is best at this because you can show your kids you are proud of them and their progress without spoiling them too much.

Not to mention, it is a great way to serve them life lessons while having fun, which is the best way to learn!

Gets you Outdoors

Kids these days spend way too much time stuck to their phone screens! So, a family outing in the backyard, where you also get to play Ping Pong can be a ton of fun for everyone. I recently read on bestpingpongtables.io/ that you can find tables specially designed to resist the elements – you can even store them outside, which is absolutely fantastic!

Cool DIY Projects for the Kids

The great thing about Ping Pong is that, after you’ve done playing (or you got tired), you can gather the used balls and re-purpose them for DIY projects. There are tons of ideas online and the kids can learn how to work on various crafts.

And I think I should mention that Ping Pong balls can also be used in games designed for adults such as Beer Pong. So, you can extend the reach of this game for as much as you want (all you need is a creative mind).

It can be Played Professionally

The part I love about table tennis is that you can play it professionally, regardless of age. So, what starts as an afternoon fun in the backyard with the kids, can transform into a lifelong hobby that keeps you focused, sharp, and fit. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for the kids to get used to the idea of competitive sports!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits when you combine family fun and table tennis. First of all, everyone will have fun, which is quite difficult to achieve with most activities, and second of all, it is a challenging sport for the body and the mind.

More information on different Ping pong table options can be found here.

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  1. Our entire neighborhood has tournaments. It is a great way to connect and everyone brings a dish to share. I’m not sure how good these are for my blood pressure though as I like to win.

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