Why Your Home & Office Need an Essential Oil Diffuser + One of My Current Favorites

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Still haven’t jumped on the essential oil diffuser bandwagon yet? It seems like these are one of the very most popular must-have items for the home, and for health too. An Aroma Diffuser isn’t just great for diffusing the home with lovely (and personalized) scents, but they actually provide some pretty amazing health benefits too. (See my recent post on the benefits of using Essential Oils Here). Each essential oil has its own unique properties that provide unique benefits to the body. They are great for opening chakras too, which I have just recently gotten in to (see my post on healing and opening the chakras with essential Oils Here).

I recently got to try out this Beautiful Wood Grain Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser which also doubles as an ultrasonic misting humidifier too! It works great not just for your home, but for your office too. I love to use it in my office while working as well as moving it to my living room to do yoga and my bedroom for my daily meditation practice too. It also works fantastically for keeping my home fresh and since I live with two cats, a little aid in the scent department is always welcome!

This diffuser is much bigger than most I’ve used, and I love that it works for up to ten continuous hours (on the light mist setting) without running out of water. It holds up to 300 ml of water, and you can also choose the options to run for just one hour, three hours,  six hours, or continuously until it runs out, at which point it will automatically shut off. This makes it great to sleep with too and if you’re looking for a little humidity, which I find is often needed living in a very dry state, it’s fabulous to help soften and moisten dry skin and chapped lips. Turns out, this handy diffuser has some amazing beauty benefits too!

The chic diffuser also gives you the option to run it on high or low misting mode too, for those days you’re looking for a lighter mist or when you’re looking to only fill your office cubby instead of the entire 3rd floor of the office building! If you do choose to run on the high misting mode, you can still get 6 hours of continuous misting, and I find that on high, it does a great job of filling my entire three bedroom townhome with a fresh, lovely scent!

essential oil diffuser

One of the things I love the very most about this diffuser (besides its gorgeous features and design!) is that it is also whisper-quiet. In fact, I find myself leaning over my desk to see if it’s even still on because you really don’t hear it at all!

It also has 7 different LED light color choices which can be set to run through each color or fixed on one color if you’re looking for a certain ambiance, or perhaps are working on opening up a chakra and want to focus on that color.


There are many benefits to having an essential oil diffuser in the home or office, so it’s no wonder this trend has caught on so big and nearly everyone seems to have one now! I have been using them for the last three years now and am nothing short of obsessed. I’ve also tried a ton of different diffusers and this is by far one of my favorites, and probably the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen too!

Interested in picking up this beautifully designed, high-quality diffuser for yourself? You can purchase the Essential Oil Diffuser Here on Amazon

Happy Diffusing!

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