10 Awesome Tops For Women

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Tops are one of the fashionable attire women love to wear. Besides being easy to wear, they look stunning on the wearer. Because people come in different builds, these tops’ designs cater to them all. You only need to choose what fits and suits you.

Tops are worn for specific occasions and needs. That is why it’s essential to put on a top that’s stylish, fitting, and up to the occasion. You can get the latest tops for the IRO Fall Winter 21 at affordable rates.

Unfortunately, some women find it challenging to choose a fabulous top to wear. If you are one of them, this guide is for you. Check out the following examples of fantastic tops you can wear for various occasions;

10 Awesome Tops For Women

1. Crop Top

If you have a beautiful belly, you may need to try this top. Its front part ends above the stomach. Designers make them with different neck designs to suit your taste.

Crop tops are best worn with jeggings, ripped jeans, or skinny jeans. The suitable footwear to match is sneakers or pumps.


2. Cami Top

A cami top will put any lovely lady in the spotlight. With its strap shoulders and round or square neck, it is a complete slay. They come in different prints, shades, and sizes to accommodate everyone. Unlike the crop top, it stretches below the belly.

For a complete outfit with this top, you can put on shorts and wear flat sandals.


3. Tunic Top

The top comes with an overlapped V-neck and a high-low hem. It’s ideal for women who want to look fashionable but have a bulging tummy. They come in various sizes, colors, and decorations.

Tunic tops blend perfectly with tapered or skinny jeans. For the footwear, sneakers and flat sandals work out well.


4. Mabel Sheer Metallic Floral Top

Its floral appliques make it look fun, explaining why this top is ideal for wearing on a festive occasion. You can also wear it on your night out or on a special occasion because of its trendy design. It’s a textured metallic top with sheer sleeves.

A Mabel Sheer Metallic Floral Top would pair excellently with heels and skinny trousers. You will find it in different sizes. The colors to choose from are black, pink, and lurex.


5. Syla Printed Puff Sleeve Blouse Top

It’s a classic blouse designed for any elegant woman. With its bold, pink, floral print, this top portrays a unique touch. The available sizes range from 34 to 40.

When worn with jeans, this top contrasts your fun looks. Some high-heeled boots would compliment this top excellently.


6. Berwyn Silk Lace Camisole Top

The designer makes this top for any lady with an incredible body. Its lace details and fluidity from the original silk material used in its making make it unique and top-notch.

With this refined top, you find numerous options to go with it. Feel free to play contrasts and look gorgeous with this top.

For example, you can put on a rocky look by wearing a leather skirt and some heels. Jeans would also work out perfectly. You can buy one in white and black color.


7. Maxi Top

This top comes with a look to die for. The maxi top comes with a slit from the waist to your ankles on one side. Designers portray their creativity with this top.

You can find one with or without sleeves. The neck designs vary as well. If you want to make heads turn when wearing this top, wear it with heels and skinny jeans or jeggings.

10 Awesome Tops For Women

8. Blouse

Blouses are perfect for a casual outing. They come in different styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate everyone. They are an excellent choice for the fall and easy to accessorize.

The sleeves could come complete, half, or ¾ way. Blouses match well with flat bellies or heels and skinny jeans.


9. Tank Top

The perfect time to wear it is during the hot season. A tank top comes sleeveless with a fashionable neck. The options available are racerback, squared, round, and scooped neck.

You can rock a tank top with Palazzo or trendy shorts. For the footwear, flat bellies, flip flops, and sneakers work out excellently.


10. Tube Top

Tube tops are perfect for flaunting sexy shoulders. They come with elastic necklines that sit above the bust. The length ends around your upper torso.

It’s also a great option if trying to beat the heat.

The bottoms ideal for these tops is short skirts, jeans, Palazzo, and shorts. Then put on either heels, sneakers, or pumps.



As illustrated above, awesome tops for women balance fashion, lightweight, sustainability, low-maintenance, and versatility. It’s therefore essential to choose the right top to wear. If still confused about what to pick, use the above examples as your starting point.


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