10 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

10 Tips for Stayin Chill Through the Holidays

Hey Lovelies! Holidays, as fun as they are, have a way of getting us off-kilter. With so many things to deal with at once, we end up feeling fragmented and often can’t find enough time for ourselves. Keep your sense of balance by being realistic about how much you can do for others and yourself. Keep healthy boundaries by not over-investing your physical and emotional energy and taking the time to recharge between commitments. Be sure not to overextend yourself or commit to too many parties and events. Keeping balance and boundaries will help you self-regulate and sustain your holiday cheer.

Keep in mind these 10 tips during the holiday season to stay calm and cool:

  1. At holiday parties, being mindful of the nourishing value of the visual beauty, aroma, texture and taste of food can result in you consuming less overall.

  2. Manage your energy by not overcommitting to parties and festivities. Take a look at your calendar and decide how many events you can attend without feeling frayed at the edges. Then commit to that number of events minus two.

  3. When you feel irritated, frustrated or angry, simply focus on what the emotion is trying to teach you, then let it go.

  4. Re-connect with friends, contacts and acquaintances you’ve been meaning to see over the past year but haven’t. The holidays are a perfect time to re-engage.

  5. Consider forgiving those who have hurt you over the past year.

  6. Immerse yourself in the energy of goodwill by volunteering at a soup kitchen or a shelter.

  7. Acknowledge and celebrate your connection to the world at large.

  8. Let the power of love and goodwill energize and renew you.

  9. Renew your sense of gratitude for friends and family.

  10. Commit to at least one device-free day during the holidays.

Life Script Meditation: In your calendar, schedule in 15 minutes of reflection time each week in December to review the past year and plan for the New Year. Use those moments to hand write thoughts, feelings, and impressions. Consider what you have learned and create new intentions to shape your life script in the direction you desire.

Release & Re-Love Meditation

What happens when we run into someone during the holidays towards whom we bear more than a minor grudge? Encounters of this kind often awaken an old hurt. Whether or not you want to re-connect in a significant way, you can begin to release the shackles of that hurt by letting go. Mentally let go of the energy behind the feelings related to your wound. Drop the weight like an apple tree drops apples in the fall. Not that easy, you say? Try this meditation. Begin by taking deep breaths and imagine releasing some of that hurt with every exhale. Then direct some tender feelings towards yourself as well as the other person if you can. Do this by offering a sincere prayer for well-being to yourself and the other person. Repeat this Release and Re-love process as many times as necessary to begin creating some space within you to leave aside what’s holding you back and allow new energy to flow through you and inspire you to live with joy.

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Happy Stress-Free Holidays!


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