How to Become a Fashion Stylist & Some Major Perks with the Job

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Have you ever wondered what It would be like to style people for a living? I always had a love for fashion and was always complimented for my style, but never thought about it as a career. It wasn’t until I started my fashion blog 6 years ago, and with friends and family constantly starting to come to me for fashion advice and telling me that I should be doing it full-time, that got me thinking about expanding out into the stylist field. Not having a background in fashion, I really had no idea how to start, but it turns out, it is a whole lot easier than you think!



  • For one, you have to obviously have a knack for style. Something tells me if you’re reading this and following my blog, you already do!  The cool thing about style is, everyone’s style is unique and the work is really in finding those who are influenced by your style.
  • Here’s where having a fashion blog comes in handy. It puts your style, your fashion-resume so-to-speak, out there for the world to see! Take pics in your best outfits and post them, and do it regularly! You will quickly start to gain a following and these are the ladies (and gents) who are going to be most interested in having your help for styling them! Don’t have a blog? Post your looks to social media, fashion apps, and fashion sites, anywhere that will get you out there and in the mind of others who are looking for help with their style!
  • You don’t need any formal education to style others, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be constantly educating yourself on fashion. I follow other fashion blogs, read fashion magazines, watch fashion shows, attend runway shows when possible, and read styling books to stay up to date on the latest trends and get inspired! is also one of my favorite places to check out others’ style. I find tons of inspiration here for putting together outfits! There are tons of great fashion apps out there for this, and I’ve written about several on my blog already, including WeStyle, Pick my Style, GlamHive, and more!
  • Get your business card made and start passing them out around town, hanging in boutiques, hair salons, and more!
  • One of the biggest outlets for getting business is word-of-mouth, so start out by styling others for FREE or at a very small rate. Have a blog? Offer a free session as a giveaway! One of my first clients was through a friend of a friend, and I did an hour of shopping with him for free just to help get the word out.
  • Feeling intimidated by shopping and styling someone from head to toe? Besides educating yourself like I stated above, Just getting out and doing it will help you feel more confident in yourself, especially when you see how much your clients light up when they look in the mirror and see how good they look AND feel! You’ll find people are usually very opinionated about their style and will help you guide them into styles their interested in. Your job is to help them find the styles they love that are also flattering, fit their body shape well, go together well,  are overall visually appealing, and of course- bring that smile to their face that only true confidence in how you look and feel brings!



In addition to getting special discounts on the jewelry and accessories that you love, you also have the freedom to style your own financial future!

  • An incredible business to call your own
  •  The ability to work from home and earn extra income sharing the jewelry, accessories, and fashion trends that you love with others\
  • Training and support from amazing and successful women (Through the Stella and Dot Stylist Program)
  • Free jewelry, as well as significant discounts
  • Expense paid vacations
  • A personal website and online business center
  • and so much more!

A great place to start with styling is through jewelry and accessories, which is why I love the Stella and Dot Stylist program. Their fabulous pieces already sell themselves, you just help others in finding their best accessory style by showing them which pieces go best with what outfits. Right now you can Sign up for the Stella and Dot Stylist Promotion and get $750 in free accessories!

stella and dot sylist

An additional $100 in initial Sample Credit is accessible to Stylists immediately upon signing up. Sign-up options are as follows:

• Online and On-The-Go Sign-up: $199 for $450 in Sample Credit
• Trunk Show Essentials Sign-up: $499 for 1,100 in Sample Credit
• Business Builder Sign-up: $699 for $1,600 in Sample Credit

Last but not least, you can earn an additional $300 in product credit when you sell $1,000 in your first 30 days!

stella and dot sylist

Want to learn more about becoming a stylist for Stella and Dot? Visit here.

Looking to hire a stylist yourself? HIRE ME HERE.


Are you interested in becoming a stylist? Have any questions about pursuing it? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you and am always happy to help!


Happy Styling!


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