2021 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions

MyStyleSpot is now accepting submissions for the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! I am very excited about our plans for this year’s gift guide. It’s been a very interesting year and we all deserve something incredibly special this holiday season to warm the hearts of those around us. The MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide will detail the best holiday gifts for both women and men. We will highlight our brand partners in a unique, impactful way, increasing sales for our partners while delivering opportunities for a strong ROI. If you want your product or service considered for inclusion in the MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, please continue reading below, and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have.

Products and Brands are now being accepted

We have lots in store for our partners this gift guide season. Starting with a carefully curated selection of must-haves including brands who will be offering innovation in wellness and fitness along with the best in beauty and skincare, the latest fashion and some personal MyStyleSpot touch.

Brand Benefits of This Year’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

If you have been in dialogue with me, you are likely already familiar with some of the benefits of this year’s holiday gift guide. As we position our gift guide front and center for our readers and visitors of the MyStyleSpot experience, our brand partners will be given opportunities to promote their products here at MyStyleSpot in fun, unique ways.

Please contact me here for information regarding Pricing and Availability.

Dedicated Review blog post

This year our dedicated Holiday Review Blog Post will be unlike any other. Detailing the products featured in our gift guide in a unique way.

Holiday Gift Review Video

The MyStyleSpot 2021 Holiday Gift Guide includes opportunities for our brand partners to showcase their product(s) through a Holiday Gift Review Video. This video will be positioned on the MyStyleSpot Youtube channel and our 9,700 subscribers.

Holiday Social Shares

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide will be shared across the MyStyleSpot entire social media. This means your product will be shared to my 157,000 Social Media Following. It is promoted heavily throughout the holiday season and I promote the guide on my various social media channels to ensure it reaches the maximum amount of my audience.

Email Blast for the Holiday Season

Be a part of our Email Blast to over 10,000 Subscribers!

For the 2021 Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide all submissions should be received by November 18th 2021. Late submissions will be accepted up to November. 20th, for an additional $150 fee.

Gift Guide Submission