5 Perfect Reasons to Call Yosemite Home

The concept of home means different things for different people. If you’re a city slicker than a penthouse apartment at the top of a skyscraping tower might be home. If you prefer a quieter life or the open air, a more rural dwelling might be the type of place you prefer to rest your head. When I came across the #ZipcodePride on www.addressy.com, I just had to share some of the best reasons for calling Yosemite home.

Five Perfect Reasons to Call Yosemite Home1. Jaw dropping views

There are so many awesome things about Yosemite but the thing locals and tourists keep flocking here for are the incredible views and iconic scenery. With mountain ranges as far as the eye can see and hiking ranges spanning for miles, Yosemite really is one picture perfect location. The lack of skyscrapers, cars, and human traffic is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city and plus, the air quality is much better here!

2. Some of the most famous parks in the world  

As well as the picturesque scenery, Yosemite is also famed for its 747,956 acre National Park. The park actually became a World Heritage in the early eighties so it comes as no surprise that it attracts tourists by the millions each year. Within the park lies Yosemite village which has everything from shops and restaurants to hotels, museums and art galleries.

3. Unbeatable outdoor activities

If you’re more of a fresh air and on-foot person and prefer activities which don’t involve screens, bars or much modern technology then you’ll love what Yosemite has to offer. From high energy activities like rock climbing, biking, watersports and horseback riding through to more mellow things to do such as spa trips, fishing and golfing, there’s something for everybody.

4. Traditional American dining  

All that fresh air and exercise is bound to work up quite the appetite so it’s a good job Yosemite is also home to plenty of traditional American eateries and cafes. From grills, lodges and pizza joints through to award-winning seafood and all-American coffee houses, eating and drinking in Yosemite promises an authentic experience. If you fancy sampling the local produce, check out Jackalope’s Bar & Grill – delicious!

5. Live music events

In amongst all of the beautiful landscapes and natural surroundings, Yosemite is actually also a real hidden gem when it comes to live music and performances. The Yosemite Theater puts on shows every night from May to October, while the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra performs there a few times each year too. That’s the beauty of Yosemite – it strikes the perfect balance between tradition and catering for the modern lifestyle.

Do you live in Yosemite? Have you visited before? Share your thoughts on what you love about it using the campaign hashtag #ZipcodePride.


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  1. I Have never been to yosemont park before.. It sure does have some Beautiful scenery. Thank you for sharing..

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