5 Products You Need to Protect Yourself from Covid19

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It’s no doubt that times are scary right now, and it’s uber important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy!

While many of us know a mask is essential right now, there are some other AMAZING products out there right now that go above and beyond to keep you healthy and safe!

Here are 5 of my must-have products you need to keep yourself safe during Covid 19

1. A Mask. This one is a no-brainer and most counties and many stores across the US are requiring them when out and about or entering to shop. I like this cute mask below I found at a local sporting goods shop. It has a thick quality material that helps me feel safe and protected. The fabric is also nice and breathable as well. The design is also cute and makes a great addition to my look too!

2. Vitamin C – This one you might not know about. Many of us know vitamin C is important but did you know it can really help boost and skyrocket your immune system when taken regularly? In fact, I read a few years ago about doubling up on it to never get sick. I started taking twice the daily recommended amount (2000 mg) and haven’t gotten sick since I started doing this! No colds, no flu, nothing! In almost 2 years! I highly recommend taking Vitamin C daily and taking up to the max 2000 mg if possible.

3. Meditation. Many of these are free if you just google meditation on youtube. I love Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s Meditations that do require a fee but I love the inspirational messages you get each day with the meditation. There are tons of great apps out there and meditation for even just 10 minutes a day can make a big difference. Mental health is important to keep in check. Times are stressful and meditation has been proven over and over to relieve stress, I believe more effectively than about anything else!

I start each morning with 30-60 minutes of meditation (and have been doing this regularly for about 8 years now1) and truly believes this keeps me sane, and my stress in check more effectively than anything else I can do for myself. Which in turn keeps my body and immune system working at it’s best. While I’m at it, let’s just add exercise, nutrition, and diet, and a good amount of sleep each night are also keep to staying healthy!

4. Essential Oils. Essential oils are great for boosting immunity for yourself and your home! Many different oils help keep stress down while also keeping your body working and functioning at it’s best. I love that by diffusing them in my home, everyone is getting the benefits including my much-beloved pets!

5. An Infrared Thermometer. Check yourself and your loved ones each day to make sure you’re temperature is normal. I love the No-Touch Sinocare LED Infrared Thermometer which you can use without touching someone. Just hold up close to their forehead (within 3-5 cm) to get a reading within seconds This also works great for babies you don’t want to disrupt while sleeping! You can use then use this to check people coming into your home too, to keep yourself and your family safe during these scary times! It will also notify you immediately if you have a fever!

Products You Need to Protect Yourself from Covid19

The Sinocare Infrared Thermometer has a high-definition LED large screen display with bright text, so you can get a good, easy reading, even in the dark. Check out my reading above on my Sinocare Infrared Thermometer! The HD LED screen displays clear and crisp numbers that are easy to read.

This handy infrared thermometer has a fever warning, which will quickly let you know if you have a fever. I allso love that it saves your measurements each day too, so you can check and compare from one day to the next to keep your temp and health in check!

It is great for kids or adults, and works well on babies too! It’s super easy for anyone in the family to use! It also works great for pets! I’ve tried it out on my cats and can get an easy temp reading in seconds!

The Sinocare Infrared Thermometer is designed with the latest thermopile sensor technology, to allow the infrared laser thermometer gun to provide the highest accuracy up to ±0.2oC.

Sinocare is also a great brand that offers effective, high-quality products at inexpensive prices! They also offer 100% satisfactory on their products and have amazing customer service top.

Products You Need to Protect Yourself from Covid19
Products You Need to Protect Yourself from Covid19
Products You Need to Protect Yourself from Covid19

I’ve loved using my No-Touch Sinocare Infrared Thermometer! It is super easy to use, just press the button, hold it close to the forehead of your subject, and it will grab the reading within seconds! It’s very user-friendly and so easy small children can use it effectively too!

I love knowing that it’s keeping me safe by being able to effectively and accurately check and keep an eye on my temperature each day. I love that I can easily use it on friends and family before they enter my home too, to make sure we are all staying safe!

Interested in trying out the Sinocare infrared thermometer for yourself today? Pick yourself up this awesome Infrared Thermometer on Amazon HERE!


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What products are you using regularly to keep yourself and loved ones safe curing Covid19? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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43 thoughts on “5 Products You Need to Protect Yourself from Covid19”

  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    We always wear a mask and I buy boxes of them before I run out. It is always in stock at home. We also get 70% alcohol in 1 gallon containers and refill pocket sprays so we always have one with us when we go out. Better safe than sorry.

  2. I am happy to see one of the most important ones on here is for free! What the world is experiencing requires serious mental strength. The mind is spiritual. You find your peace, your center and answers in medi <3

  3. I should really get a thermometer to take to work. It is nice to have one in the house, but I’d like one at work too.

  4. Sandy Klocinski

    Awesome things to have on hand! I have an infra red thermometer and it has come in handy lately. I have a supply of hand sanitizer that I had before current events

  5. gloria patterson

    I use essential oils ever day in several ways. As a senior with COPD I stay home most of the time. Getting OLD but since I able to stay home I go with the flow

  6. Dorothy Boucher

    This product sounds wonderful and I think we can all play our part in keeping healthier and beating the fight against germs.

  7. You forgot anti-bacterial soap!

    I love that you mention essential oils and meditation.

    I believe for some that therapy is a useful tool to get through this difficult time.

    It’s important to remember how fragile we can all be when we are alone.

  8. I NEED that thermometer! I currently use a “smart” thermometer but have to sterilize it after each family member uses it. This would be SO MUCH EASIER!

  9. Great list! I would add gloves. I like to use them when pumping gas and when purchasing groceries (protects me and other from me at the store.)

  10. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these Infrared Thermometers. It’s the only thing on the list that I don’t have.

  11. Yes, this is definitely a horrific time for us all, but I strive to have a positive outlook.I listen to nature sounds and do Yoga to find my peace in the mist of this chaos. I have never tried meditation , but I guess now is as good a time as any to start.

  12. Always better safe than sorry. Plus I am considered extra vulnerable because my chest and lung was crushed in March in a nearly deadly car accident and the hospital told me when I was finally going home after a long stay, to be extra careful NOT to get COVID 19 because they said if I do, that I won’t survive for sure. Yikes!

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