5 Reasons Why Cycling is Excellent for Your Physical & Mental Wellbeing

After we have all spent much more of our time than ever before indoors recently due to the pandemic and the restrictions, what better way to enjoy the world once again than getting out in nature riding a bike. Doctors recommend that to keep yourself healthy you should do a minimum of 150 minutes a week (or 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week) of moderate aerobic activity, this includes things such as brisk walking and light jogging. Cycling is an exercise with is great for your body’s muscles, joints, bones, as well as for your cardiac health and getting the blood pumping around your body. And it’s a fantastic sport for your mental well-being too.

Here we have come up with 5 reasons why cycling is a great activity for improving both your physical and mental wellbeing.

5 Reasons Why Cycling is Excellent for Your Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Cycling is an Aerobic Activity That Releases Adrenaline in Your Body

Cycling is an aerobic activity, this means you will perspire as your body temperature goes up and your heart, blood vessels, and lungs will also certainly get a good workout. Cycling is a perfect activity for maintaining good cardiac health.

Cycling is also a physical activity that releases hormones in the body such as adrenaline and cortisol. But why is it beneficial for your body to have healthy adrenaline and cortisol levels you may ask? Adrenaline and cortisol are useful in your daily life because they help humans handle stressful fight-or-flight situations much more easily and efficiently. Cycling is therefore an ideal activity to do for people to stay fit and sharp who have high-pressured action-packed jobs such as law enforcement officers, those in the fire service, paramedics, doctors, nurses, carers, teachers, and so on.

However, although it’s an activity that releases lots of adrenaline into your body, as with lots of things in life it’s still very much safety first when it comes to cycling. Looking for a top insurance policy that is suitable for your bike trips that will provide cover for yourself, your close ones, and your bike (s)? Velosurance is a dependable national insurance agency that covers the many things that can happen when you ride such as personal injury, theft, accidental damage if you have a crash, damage in transit (when your bike travels on an aircraft or by courier for example), and roadside recovery if you get stuck somewhere and are unable to get home. The company specializes in bike insurance and was set up by 2 bicycle enthusiasts.

Cycling is Great for Improving Your Body’s Overall Strength

Cycling is a strength and endurance exercise. If you start going cycling regularly, you will notice that over time the muscles in your core, back, legs, glutes, and upper body all get stronger and able to carry more weight. Being a bit stronger is very useful because it can come in handy at other times in life such as when you are moving heavy furniture around your house, carrying packed grocery bags, or picking up one of your children.

Cycling is Great for Your Legs

Cycling is particularly great at improving your legs. You need your legs for a lot of things in life daily, the most obvious examples of activities where you can’t do without them are walking and running. The action of pedaling on a bike mainly helps to strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, and lower legs.

If you run competitively and need strong legs to power you through a race and finish with a quick time, going cycling now and then will be a great way of strengthening your legs for races.

Cycling Can Be an Enjoyable Sociable Activity to Help You Destress

Cycling with other people, albeit friends, family, or fellow members of a local cycling club, can be a fun group activity to enjoy together. What could be better than enjoying some quality time amongst nature and the elements with those who matter to you whilst at the same time getting yourself fitter and in better shape?

Although going out cycling with other people in a group may require a bit of compromise and clear communication between riders at times to work smoothly, it is a pleasurable activity and a way to keep your mind off other things in life which are currently piling up and stressing you out.

In 2021 cycling is a fantastic destresser that allows you to keep yourself healthy and gives you a welcome break by getting you away for a while from screens and the internet which dominate the working world and daily life in 2021.

Cycling Releases Endorphins in Your Body

Endorphins are chemicals that are released by your body when you do exercise. Endorphins produce a sense of euphoria or ‘joy’ in humans as the positive feeling they trigger in the body is similar to morphine. Therefore, cycling is a physical activity that can have a clear positive impact on your mindset and mental wellbeing.

Looking to embrace a new hobby in 2021? Taking up cycling in your spare time is a great idea.

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  1. Riding a bike/cycling was one of my favorite things to do in my younger days. We have rail trails and people walk/ride etc on it all the time. Sometime I think if I got a electric bike I might try riding again.

  2. Is cycling like a bike ride type thing or are they completely different? If so I don’t think I have ever cycling before, but it seems tough.

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