5 Tips for Rejuvenating that Winter Skin Just in time for Spring

As we say goodbye to the Winter season and hello to Spring, there are important beauty tips and tricks to keep in mind to ensure your beauty regimen continues to thrive through the transitioning seasons. New York City-based Beauty Expert Jill Caruso of Fox Vein Care, has come up with the perfect Winter to Spring beauty tips to ensure vibrant skin

Harsh weather conditions in the Winter can bring anyone’s skin woes, so as the first bud of spring blooms there are a few things to keep in mind. With a background in medicine, design, and skin aesthetics,  New York City-based Beauty Expert Jill Caruso of Fox Vein Care, gives her best tips for rejuvenating that Winter Skin!

5 tips for rejuvenating winter skin for a more flawless, rejuvenated look this spring

How to go from Winter to Spring Skin for a more Flawless Look:

1. Do not forget your sunscreen – This is not an option, but an essential everyday necessity, regardless of weather, but in order to protect your skin from UV radiation. Also, contrary to popular belief, SPF ratings higher than 30 do not offer more protection and no sunscreen can block more than 97 percent of UV rays.

2. Be sure to moisturize daily – Moisturizing your face will help you to look and feel younger, resulting in softer, more elastic skin… not to mention it will keep your skin hydrated.

3. Wash your face every night – This is vital, as it removes not only makeup but the dirt and dust that accumulates throughout the day, But outside elements, as well as makeup, clogs your pores with dirt, dust, smoke, etc., however, Jill suggests that soapless cleansers are okay occasionally as they can act as cleansers with nondrying agents.

4. Light Chemical peels can be great for the season change – There are lower UV levels during the winter, making it optimal for recovery and an ideal time to prepare your skin for the forthcoming spring season.

5. Lastly, when it comes to makeup, less is more – People often tend to overdo it on the winter. Heavy foundation, mascara, and lipstick often ages women. Keep it simple and fresh for spring!


Happy Beautifying!

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  1. SUCH great tips!! I am stickler for washing my face at night!! Even if you don’t do it to get the makeup off at least do it to freshen your face before hitting the pillow!! Pillow cases and sheets hold SO much grime from your skin!!

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