5 Tips to Help Get Smoother Skin

5 Tips to Help Get Smoother Skin

Getting smoother skin is all about how well you moisturize. If your skin is still rough around the edges, you might want to rethink your skincare routine or products. This article discusses five effective ways to get smoother skin, with hydration and moisturizing at the forefront. Let’s get started.


1. Drink More Water

Even if you’re applying morning moisturizers, sunscreen, vitamin C, nighttime lotion, and a facial toner throughout the day, you are still missing a significant part of the skincare process: hydration! You must drink more water if you want your skin to be super soft and smooth, and your cells need hydration.

The moisturizers you use can only do so much to take care of the skin’s surface. Your skin has many layers that require hydration. Aim to get your eight glasses in and then some! Speaking of layers, reach the deeper layers of your skin with laser hair removal to stop unwanted hair in its tracks and get your skin that much smoother.


2. Eat Anti-inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is targeted by foods that are anti-inflammatory by nature, meaning that they contain components like antioxidants that break down inflammation and improve your overall health, your skin health included!

Foods that reduce inflammation can positively influence the softness of your skin. Start snacking on blueberries, raspberries, or walnuts to improve your skin’s softness and general glow. Avoid dehydrating foods or snacks that are rich in sodium. These options can dehydrate the skin and lead to bloating and dryness.


3. Get Enough Sunlight

When you sweat in the sunshine, you’re helping your body get rid of toxicity, a factor that contributes to dehydration. This means that once you’ve had your sweat session, you can rehydrate with your body more capable of harnessing the hydration you give it. You absorb water more efficiently after exposing yourself to sunlight.

Your cells need the energy that the sun provides, which helps your body absorb nutrients and eliminate waste more effectively. Waste and debris build up on the skin, hindering softness. By exposing yourself to sunlight regularly, you create a natural skincare routine that improves the softness of your skin.

5 Tips to Help Get Smoother Skin

4. Exfoliate Twice A Week

Depending on your skin type, you might need to exfoliate your skin more often, but exfoliating twice a week is the perfect amount for most people. Your skin can get caked up with dirt and grime throughout the day.

Regular exfoliating with a dry brush or an exfoliation pad can do wonders for your skin’s health, including its softness. Follow up your exfoliation with a moisturizer to lock in the hydration you need to keep your skin soft.


5. Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Take the time to remove your makeup each night, even when you’re tired! Make sure you use a soft makeup remover like coconut oil or an oil-free makeup remover if you prefer. Your skin will thank you.

If you’re the type to crash into bed after a long day, this could be getting in the way of your skin’s health. Keeping your face covered with heavy makeup can lead to dryness and blemishes, both of which make it more challenging to achieve softer skin.


Treat Your Skin With Care

To achieve smoother skin, you must go the extra mile with your skincare routine. Using a moisturizer alone is not enough to reach the softness you’re looking to have. Don’t forget to drink water, apply sunscreen, stay consistent, and get outside to give your cells what they need. Consider the above tips to treat your skin with care.


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6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Help Get Smoother Skin”

  1. Exfoliating my skin, I don’t really do. Also #5 sometimes I do forget to take my make up off before bed oops. What type of non-expensive exfoliate do you recommend?

  2. Thanks for the tips. My skin from the winter weather is looking so tired, drab and dull. It can really use a skin pick me up

  3. gloria patterson

    great tip I am a major water drinker not a big fan of the sun …. some time out but not a lot theres hit and miss

  4. It’s absolutely crucial not to go to bed with makeup on. Terrible for your skin to sleep with your pores all clogged up with makeup!

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