6 Easy Tips To Help Motivate You for Workouts at Home + The Perfect Water Bottle from HydroFlask

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I’ve been pretty good about getting my workouts in over the years. It all started back in 2002 after graduating college when I put on a few extra pounds. I have never been one to keep up with the gym workouts. I get super red in the face and find it embarrassing to let anyone see me workout. I also get overwhelmed by all the equipment and eventually found myself only wanting to go to scheduled classes but didn’t like that I had to work it around their time and not my own! That’s when I started working out from home. Aside from saving myself costly gym membership fees, working out from home can be done when I want to do it, and without having to get myself all psyched up to get dresses, get in the car and drive to the gym for a grueling hour long cardio session. I’ve actually found I’m much more motivated to workout from home with just a few simple tips! Read on for my 6 tips to set you up perfectly to be more motivated to workout – even at home!

1. Do workouts you will actually enjoy and want to do. For me it was yoga. I started out doing yoga at home first because I found it was relaxing and I felt so amazing afterwards. It felt like less of a workout for my lazy A$@ I guess, so it was easy for me to get into working out by starting with Yoga. Over the next year or so, I found myself expanding outward into different types of workouts I could do at home, such as pilates, step, weightlifting, bar, and more.

2. Find workouts that require minimal fitness equipment. There are actually a ton of workouts there that don’t require any or only a few pieces of workout equipment. The less you will need, the easier it will be to set up a gym. Shop around and search online or Amazon and Apple for workouts you can stream into your home effortlessly.

3. Make space for your workout area that is easy to access. If you have to move around tables each time you want to workout, you’re going to be less likely to do it. find an open space where you will have room to move around. A lot of workouts don’t require much more than standing and lying space (about the size of a couple of yoga pats lined up side by side together). I designate the space right in front of the TV as my workout area, since the couches are pushed back just far enough that they are not in my way. I have a coffee table on wheels I can easily push out the way if more space is needed.

4. Kind of a no-brainer here, but keep your fitness equipment where you work out. Most of us will use our living rooms since it gives us access to the TV and Blu-ray player or Apple TV for online streaming of workouts. It’s actually really easy to stow away the workout equipment out of the way to it won’t be an eye sore while relaxing in the living room or when company is over. I buy cute little square ottomans that open up for storage, just big enough to fit a set of weights, pilates circle, and exercise band in. The ottoman fits with the decor of my living room, and is also used as a side table, so no one would even guess I’ve got my fitness equipment in there, but I still have easy access to it when I want to workout!

5. Don’t forget your workout clothes. Have you ever heard how one of the quickest ways to motivate yourself to get a workout in is to just get dressed in your workout clothes? That’s all you have to do. Get Dressed. Most of us will find that being dressed and ready to go will be enough to push us to do the workout. It’s usually finding the motivation to put on the fitness apparel that is the actual problem.

Because I work from home, I wake up and put my workout clothes on first thing. I don’t always get my workout in first thing in the morning like I’d like to, but I find that just being in the clothes reminds me I need to workout and eventually I’ll get that workout in, even if it’s later in the afternoon.

6. Make sure you’ve got a good workout bottle you can sip from between workout sets. Sometimes at home, we don’t think much about staying hydrated, and often times we don’t have water bottles, we just use glasses of water instead. Using a traditional glass can get messy while trying to take a quick sip between those lunges and squat sets, and you don’t want to waste time running to the kitchen to get a drink either. I keep my HydroFlask 32 oz wide mouth straw Water Bottle sitting on my coffee table while working out for easy access to a quick big drink. I love the handy straw feature which lets me suck down a quick mouthful of refreshing water without having to unscrew a lid to open up and drink from (which again will cut out of your workout time). The wide mouth lid also works great for helping me bet a big gulp of water fast so I can get right back to those sun salutations!

I also find I drink quite a bit while working out so I like their huge 32 oz bottle with carrying strap for easy portability, but if you’re not quite the big fluid drinker while working out, they have plenty of different sizes to choose from.

Hydroflask is also well known for their amazing temp shield double wall insulation technology which keeps drinks cold (or your coffee hot in one of their gorgeous tumblers) for hours on end! In fact, on my boat over the summer, I blend margaritas and store them in my huge beer/wine 64 oz Hydroflask and my drinks stay icy and cold all day long, even in the hot summer heat! ICY!! These bottles are no joke! They keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot like no body’s business! I’ve never come across a better water bottle or tumbler! They’re also made to be handy for carrying around, thanks to their easy grip technology, and tight, perfectly-fitting lids so they won’t spill out when you’re on the go! They are also built sweat-free too so you don’t have to worry about condensation running off the bottle into your car, in your hand, or on your furniture.

Want to pick up your own handy water bottle and/or tumbler from Hydroflask today? They also make great storage flasks for food too! Check out Hydroflask today at Hydroflask.com

Happy Exercising!

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7 thoughts on “6 Easy Tips To Help Motivate You for Workouts at Home + The Perfect Water Bottle from HydroFlask”

  1. Such great tips!! I cannot wait until we have enough room for me to have my own space to work out! Its so long overdue! I feel like I can’t get any time or space to myself.

  2. These are great looking water bottles. I really like the colors. I really do believe if youre carrying something you like that is like his you would drink more and be more likely to use it.

  3. Great tips. I am constantly searching for new workouts that don’t require a lot of equipment and for new workouts so I don’t get bored and will stay motivated.

  4. This was a great article. Thank you for sharing all of your tips. I completely agree with #5. I also love these tumblers. ?

  5. Thanks for the tips, they will be useful to my sister.
    My sister started exercising at home. She bought a ball, does some yoga and pilates with an instructional video.

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