7 Easy Ways to Give Your Body a Healthy Boost This Winter

Festive lights and music, gathering with loved ones… This time of year is truly magical and something many of us look forward too. Unfortunately, the cold weather and unwelcome colds and flu that almost always accompany it, are not!

This time of year, it’s extra important that we help aid our botties in fighting off the nasty bugs by keeping it strong, fit, healthy, and of course, by keeping our immune systems strong too, so we don’t end up with that 10 day long, sniffling, sneezing, awful cold – in the first place!

Luckily there are few very easy things you can do to help aid your body in staying strong this winter!  Read on for some easy tips to help keep your body strong, healthy, happy, and running at its best!

7 Easy Tips to Give your Body a Healthy Boost this Winter:

1. Drink lots of fluids, and I don’t mean Egg Nog. Keep the sweet drinks to a minimum and drink plenty of water and healthy, low sugar fruit juices to help keep the body clean and continually getting rid of waste. Water is so important for helping the body flush and rid itself of toxins.  The Organo FENIX-DX advanced Detox Support pink lemonade powder drink mix is a great way to not only help you drink your fluids but to help wash out nasty toxins and help build up the immune system too! FENIX DX is a yummy dietary supplement that helps to gently support the body’s natural daily detoxification process while also building up the immune system, thanks to it containing healthy natural herbs such as aloe and licorice. It also contains vitamin c to help defend the immune system, and chamomile to help fight stress, which many of us may be feeling as we gear up for preparing for the holidays! 7 Easy Ways to Give Your Body a Healthy Boost This WinterThis healthy, lightly-sweetened drink can be used daily. It is delicious and also caffeine-free so it won’t dehydrate the body. It also helps to support the digestive system as well!

2. Keep the stress to a minimum. I know you have a big holiday party to host, lots of gift shopping and decorating to do, but it’s important you take some time out for yourself to just relax. Plan to spend at least 10-15 minutes a day doing something you enjoy, whether it be reading a book, meditating, or taking a relaxing bath. If your day is jam-packed, wake up an extra 15 minutes earlier. Me-time is important in helping you feel balanced and happy, which ultimately reduces stress, and leads to a healthier, stronger body that is more easily and able to fight off colds and flu.

3. Don’t skimp on sleep. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in all the wrapping of gifts that you end up staying up far later than you should. Set yourself a bedtime and stick to it! Make sure you get 6-8 hours a night to keep that body running at its peak performance.

4. Speaking of performance, get outside and get moving. It can be hard to get out in the cold, but if you’re moving, you’ll barely notice! Plan a day to take the family skiing, go out for a jog, or bike ride with a loved on a sunny day. Nature has a way of making the body and mind feel better just be being out in it! Exercise is key to helping the body stay strong and healthy. If you pair these two together, you get quite the magical formula for helping aid your body in being it’s best and strongest!

5. Get a natural, more healthy energy boost on those early dark mornings where you’re struggling to get out of bed and get your day started! While many of us stick to coffee, the jitters from one-too-many cups and that awful energy drop at 2 pm isn’t really doing us any favors. The FENIX-XT  Advanced Energy Drink Mix is a tasty powdered energy drink mix that can be added to water or other beverages for a beneficial pick me up. XT can help support energy, stamina, focus, and it has some pretty amazing, and beneficial antioxidants too, to help keep the body strong and healthy! It is lower in sugar, caffeine, and taurine than you will find in your typical energy drink, and you can totally avoid the ‘crash’ or ‘jitters’ you can get with energy drinks or too much coffee! This yummy refreshing mango-peach flavored drink not only gives you a powerful boost of energy to help you take on the day, but it also packs in extra added hydration too, to keep the body able and ready to flush out nasty bacteria and toxins. It also helps aid in memory and focus, so not only is it amazing for the body, but it’s good for your brain too!

6. Eat healthier. It’s a no-brainer, but what you put in your body can play a huge roll in how well your body will fight off the cold and flu and other harmful bacteria and bugs that make you sick. Your body has to fight hard to process all that holiday candy, leaving it weaker in the areas of treating bacteria it comes in contact with. While it may be hard to say no to that yummy fruit cake, eat your holiday treats in moderation, and help keep your body healthy and strong by eating more yummy fruits and veggies, like that delicious butternut squash that is in season right now!

7. Wash your hands often. Touch is one of the quickest ways to catch something, so instead of avoiding those holiday hugs from loved ones this season, just be sure to wash up regularly and limit touching your mouth, nose, and eyes as much as possible, to help decrease the spreading of germs.

Nothing is more important than our daily health. Feeling healthy and comfortable is what allows us to reach new heights and get the most out of our day. Take daily action to help defend your health and support your natural detox process by following these 7 easy steps today!

Happy Healthy Days Ahead!

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  1. Great tips, loving the tip about egg nog- so true! More so, mimosas for me, lol! I find a huge difference in myself when I consume a lot of water versus none. It plays such a huge role in everything!

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