7 Tips for Self-Tanning Your Legs

tips for self-tanning your legs

Summertime is finally here and the living is easy. Unfortunately, for most of us, self-tanning isn’t that easy. You may have noticed that your legs don’t look as dark as the rest of your body. You don’t want to leave the house with pale legs. What is a woman to do?

There are several products and methods for self-tanning your legs. You don’t want to miss out on short shorts, sundresses, and short skirts. Here are some tips for getting tanned and gorgeous legs.

Why are the Legs so Difficult to Self-Tan?

The reason why it’s so difficult to use self-tanner for legs is because the skin doesn’t contain as much melanin as the other parts of your body. Melanin is a pigment found in the skin that causes it to darken when you’re laying in the sun. As a result, your legs don’t get as tan as the other areas of your body that contain more melanin. The self-tanning industry has made it possible to darken your legs.

Indoor Tanning Lotions

Indoor tanning lotions should only be used in tanning salon. These formulas protect your skin and allow your legs to get darker for a longer period of time. Hydrated skin leads to a darker and a longer lasting tan. You don’t want skin that’s dehydrated since it flakes off and repels the sun’s UV rays.

There are several indoor tanning lotions on the market that allow you to tan those difficult areas of your body. In addition, a tan accelerator can keep your skin hydrated and make your tan last longer. You can even use bronzer on your legs to enhance the skin tone.

Poor blood circulation is another reason for an uneven tan. This can impact the oxidation process that occurs when the melanin in the skin is exposed to the UV rays and darkens the skin. This is why most dermatologists advise against wearing tight clothing and shoes that restrict the blood flow. This activating lotion can encourage blood flow to the surface of the skin, allowing your skin to darken.

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is another option to self-tan your legs. This is often done in a tanning booth, but there are some that you can use at home. It’s important to shave or wax at least 12 to 24 hours before your spray tanning session. Another reason why it’s difficult to self-tan your legs is because you need to remove the top layers of your skin.

But removing the top layers of dead skin cells can cause you to lose some of your tan. Shaving before your spray tan can reduce the number of times you shave before the next one. This will maintain the tan on your legs. Shaving every day or every other day will open up your pores during the spray tanning session. Once they close, the spray tan product will stay trapped underneath your skin, causing dark brown spots to appear.

Self-Tanning Products

Self-tanning lotions are another option for tanning your legs. Self-tanning products include creams, foams, lotions, and serums. Whenever you’re applying a creamy tanner or MineTan tanning foam, you should always wear disposable gloves or a hand mitt.

You can use as much as or as little as you want. But it’s common for the tan to fade faster on your legs when using self-tanning products. Your calves and shins are thinner than the rest of your body, which means your tan won’t last as long.

Before self-tanning, gently rub a lemon slice across the lower parts of your legs. The lower pH found in this fruit allows DHA, the main ingredient in self-tanner, to darken your skin quickly and more evenly.

Tinted Body Lotions

Tinted body lotions are one of the quickest and easiest ways to tan your legs. It’s similar to BB cream for the face. It tints your legs. You just apply and don’t have to prepare beforehand. There is no waiting or streaks. The great thing about tinted body lotion is that you can see where you missed a spot. Another advantage is that the tint erases imperfections.

Self-Tanning Your Knees

The key to streak-free legs is to exfoliate beforehand. Then you should apply a generous amount of body moisturizer to your knees. Use a cream or lotion with a hydrating formula that prevents your knees from looking two shades darker. Your skin is smooth and ready for achieving the perfect glow.

Self-Tanning Your Feet

You don’t have to say goodbye to your sandals because of your orangey feet. Exfoliate and moisturize your feet just as you would with your knees. Then using a hand mitt apply the self-tanner on top of your foot. Blend the self-tanner around and back of your anklebone, along the sides, and over your anklebones.

Top off your work by spraying a tanning mist where the sun hits your feet. You want to stand on a dark towel during this process unless you’re using bronzer.

Happy Self-Tanning!

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