8 Ways To Color Your Life And Home

Every now and then, it’s good to redecorate your home. Stuff gets broken or outdated, or you just feel plain bored with the same arrangement and colors.

In general, colors give your home life – it says something about your personality, it can influence your mood and have the strongest impact on the way people see your home.

8 Ways To Color Your Life And Home

If you’re up for a change, take a look at what ways colors can actually make a difference in your home:

1. 60-30-10 rule

Before you start choosing the colors for the room, apply the 60-30-10 rule on it. These numbers are actually percentages, helping you to make a division between three main colors of the room. 60% of the room is the dominant color, 30% is the secondary color, while 10% is used for the accent color. More precisely, wall color is the dominant one in the room, the secondary color is the color of upholstery, while details in the room, such as flower bouquet, make the remaining 10%.

2. Consider the ceiling

If the room is too big, you can paint the ceiling a darker color, as it will make the ceiling look lower, which makes the whole room look more comfortable. On the other hand, if you need the room to look more spacious, a lighter color on the ceiling will help. The ceiling of the porch, for example, could be painted light blue, creating an impression of the sky.

3. Change the shape of the room

If you’re planning on painting a narrow, long space, you can make it look more like a square by painting the end walls (the shorter ones) a couple of shades darker than the longer walls. And if you’re having an issue with large walls, divide the space with molding, and then use different colors for the upper and the lower part. The darkest color should be on the bottom.

4. Small colorful details

8 Ways To Color Your Life And Home

That 10% of the room color that you need – pillows are a great way to get it. A couple of wisely chosen and strategically placed pillows on a sofa or a chair can go a long way. They should be used for breaking the pattern and the color that dominates the furniture.

Another item for accenting a corner is a plant. Whether it’s greenery or a flower, it will accent the room and create a cozy atmosphere.

5. Rug for giving the floor some color

8 Ways To Color Your Life And Home

A rug can have different roles in a room. If a colorful rug is put under a coffee table or in front of a big sofa, it brings texture and color to the room. The great thing about a rug is that it can be placed almost everywhere – on a hardwood floor or a painted floor. Whether it’s going to be in a contrast color or melt in with the dominant one, it’s your choice. You can also find one with an interesting pattern that fits into the theme of the room.

6. Painting vertical stripes

All residential painting professionals will tell you that vertical stripes create an impression of a tall room, while horizontal stripes make it look longer. Stripes can also be used for accenting a unique part of the room – a vertical stripe of a different color than the rest of the room will put the item or the part of the room into focus.

7. New seat cushions

8 Ways To Color Your Life And Home

Whether it’s a set of chairs or a lonely chair in some dark corner, you can make a big change by simply changing the seat cushions. The pattern can be floral, which is the best way to uplift the room or the corner that is usually unimpressive.

8. Don’t forget the black

Maybe black is not one of the most frequently used colors in the interior design, but it’s a great accessory. By adding a black element – a lamp, box, or a picture frame – you actually enhance all the other colors in the room, making them clearer to the eyes.

A few colorful final words

Colors are our way of telling others who we are and what we enjoy. They are also the tools for making us feel relaxed and inspired. When bringing colors into your room, think about what you want to accomplish, as well as what you want to hide in the room. Colors are there to help you with that.

Happy Decorating!

7 thoughts on “8 Ways To Color Your Life And Home”

  1. I love adding pops of color in rooms!! I really want to get rid of our light brown couches because I feel like I can never do color pops with it!! Hate hate hate them!

  2. I love color and don’t know why in my clothing, makeup and home I choose neutrals. I love brown and turquoise together but have never used it in my home. I really need to change that.

  3. So many great tips. This reminds me that I need to buy new pillows stat. I also love the ceiling tip… that seems like such a great idea!

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