9th & Elm Carrie Necklace and Bullet Pearl Stud Earrings Review

If you’ve been following me on social media or reading my blog for awhile, you know that I’m a huge 9th & Elm fan. Any lady who loves to shop for jewelry and fashion would absolutely adore this site as much as I do!

For those of you who don’t know, 9th & Elm is a fabulous little online shop that picks up new product each day from up and coming, extremely innovative hand made, and independent designers. 9th & Elm handpicks these beautiful pieces and then turns around and sells them on their site at a discounted price.

Inventory is changing every single day, so you have to be a regular on the site. Most items will stay for a week or so, and then new items from new designers will come in.

I shop the site everyday. Seriously, every single day I’m on the site checking out whats new!  Its addictive and as soon as you visit the site you will see why! You can find some of the most stunning jewelry, fashion, and accessories at extremely LOW prices! I’ve made a few purchases from them now and have absolutely loved everything I’ve gotten!

I posted a review about 9th & Elm a while back, you can check it out HERE and see some of the fabulous finds I picked up there! I’ve also recently bought a few more jewelry pieces and have been absolutely astounded with the quality! You get great deals, absolutely wonderful deals on jewelry and fashion, but quality is definitely not lacking on these products.

I’ve truly been amazed with how high quality a necklace was I bought for only $15 (regularly a $30 piece). It looks and feels like a $150 piece! I’ve been so happy with pieces I’ve picked up from this shop, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it, and how absolutely gorgeous these handmade pieces truly are!

This time I got to review the widely know, and on trend, “Carrie” necklace, made famous by of course, Carrie from the widely famous and loved HBO’s “Sex and the City”, who almost always dons her lovely Gold Carrie Necklace in nearly every episode.

I was really excited to review this piece because monogrammed and name jewelry are so hot right now.  And honestly there is just something fun about displaying your name for the world to see.

Also, I got to try out some pearl bullet earrings, which are also super on trend right now, from the up and coming brand, Bullet Jewelry. I normally am not a small, stud earring fan, but I fell in love with these. They are extremely cool, and so fun to wear. I love that they go with absolutely EVERYTHING (as well as my Carrie, er “Cindy” Necklace). The size is perfect for day or night looks, but the truly unique look of this earring gives it a cool edge. I love that its definitely not your basic pearl earring. I’m no politicians wife, and I’m not 60 years old either, so I need a pearl earring with some funkiness. These pearl bullet stud earrings absolutely deliver on that!

See how I styled my Carrie Necklace and Pearl Bullet Stud Earrings here:




I’m absolutely fascinated and in love with these two pieces I got from 9th & Elm. And this is just a taste of what you can find on their online store. New designers and pieces are being updated every day, but they always carry a huge selection of products making it absolutely easy for anyone to find their favorite piece(s). Also, its not just jewelry you can find here! They also offer lots of fabulous fashion, accessories, even cool things for the home, oh and an iPhone case too! You can always find something, or in my case, lots of things every single day!

Be sure to shop 9th & Elm today and don’t miss out on finding exceptional, unique, and on trend jewelry, fashion, and accessories, at absolute bargains!

Happy Shopping!

**I was given these products for review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with readers I feel will be beneficial or informative to them in some way.

75 thoughts on “9th & Elm Carrie Necklace and Bullet Pearl Stud Earrings Review”

  1. Very VERY cute necklace! I love that you can earn points for referring friends on social media- so nice! I can’t even count how many awesome fashion shops I’ve heard about from friends on blogs, facebook and other social media sites!

  2. I love the necklace. I have been thinking about getting a customized necklace with my name on it but since my first name is a 9 letter word, I will go with my family name.

  3. A necklace with your name, and it sits at the right spot on your chest. It is so pretty! I like stud earrings because they are dainty and really make an outfit look so classy. You look great!!

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