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I recently sat through a local cooking show, where health-conscious eating was the focus. Eating healthy has become incredibly important to me over the last decade. It started out as a weight loss goal, but once I started learning more and more about how to eat better, it has truly become something I think about and consciously make an effort to do every single day.

Juicing and smoothies have recently become the rage, but for a lot of us, buying that amount of fruit and vegetables, and then actually taking the time to cut them up and blend or juice them, is just not doable with our budgets or are busy schedules!

Luckily, there is a great option to getting a deliciously healthy pre-made juice that will save you time AND money!  I recently came across Eden Juices and was beyond thrilled! This wonderful environmentally friendly company solved the problem of juicing for you, and creates incredibly healthy, fresh, cold-pressed juices in lots of yummy different flavors! Not only that, but when you’re drinking your healthy Eden Juices, you’re also being better to the planet!

With earth day coming up this week, I think a lot of us are thinking about ways we can be better not only ourselves, but the wonderful planet we share with each other. I’ve always heard the statistics for the ridiculous amounts of foods that are thrown out all the time in this country. And it’s not just companies, grocery stores, farmers, and markets that are throwing all of this food out either! We ourselves throw out a lot of food! I know when it comes close to my grocery shopping day each week, I clean out my fridge and am constantly feeling guilty about the amounts of food that were wasted because I bought too much or ate out a few too many times over the week. It’s often fruits and veggies I’m throwing out too, that  I bought with the intention to make a smoothie or juice!

In the US, an average of 40% of the food we grow is thrown out! That is insane! It’s not always because the produce has gone bad either. A lot of times the food is forced to be thrown away because it doesn’t meet our cosmetic standards. I had no idea! In fact, I was quite surprised to learn that Eden uses these imperfectly shaped fruits and veggies (that are often thrown away for this reason) specifically in their juices, to provide wonderful healthy benefits as well as helping to lessen food waste in the US.  They help save on waste by using the unwanted cosmetically imperfect fruits and veggies the rest of the industry refuses to use! Eden’s core belief is that diversity and imperfections are not flaws that should be corrected, but instead celebrated! It makes sense that they would use these funny shaped fruits and veggies then! Not only that but Eden also uses their fabulous line of juices to support diversity in our culture, as well as conservation and our health!

I don’t have to go on about how ridiculous it is that 40% of produce is being thrown out, especially due to the fact that it doesn’t look like what we’re use to! Over 15 million kids in the US go hungry every day and the fact that food is still being thrown out, not necessarily because it has to be, is absolutely mind-blowing! AND not only that, but a large portion of the population is under nourished!

Luckily when you Drink Eden, you can help cut down on the waste of fruits and veggies, give more love to our beautiful planet, as well as give yourself better health and nourishment by getting the right amount of fruits and veggies you need to eat every day to look and feel your best!



Check out DrinkEden.com today where you can check out their yummy line of healthy fruit and veggie juices, as well as learn more about their kickstarter campaign to help aid them in bettering our planet!


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    1. Sorry Chris, I should probably clarify. It’s not for a cleanse, just a juice you can drink the morning with your breakfast or as a meal replacement, or a healthy drink on the go!

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