A Chic, High Quality Wallet Perfect for Your Handbag OR a Big Night Out: Forett Wallet Review

I know it’s rare for me. I usually get some cute off-the-wall wallet that people will comment on as a wallet but I wouldn’t dream of dressing it up and taking it out for a night on the town. I love to go all out with a super glamorous clutch or a beautiful luxurious brightly colored clutch that will be the focus of my outfit (Well that and the shoes of course!)

This is why, when I stumbled upon the gorgeous new brightly colored, high-quality wallet collection from Forett Handbags, I lost it! I wanted this wallet so bad because I knew that that is exactly what it would do for me! It would organize all of my cards, cash, ID, etc, but would also be the perfect glamorous clutch for a night out, thanks to its beautiful brightly colored two-tone shades in Moonlight blue and Hot Pink, with beautiful, luxurious leather, and elegant stitching details.

When you hold this wallet in your hand, it feels like you’ve paid big bucks for it! I’ve held a lot of super high end designer wallets before (usually just in the store- I wish I had a wallet collection like that!) and the Aline wallet from Forett Handbags totally rivals those uber-expensive wallets! But you can breathe easy knowing you can save yourself lots of money by buying a luxurious Forett Wallet instead, but without sacrificing style! (See below for a fabulous savings on this wallet, or any other wallet and handbag from Forett!)

I’m a huge organization nerd. I love to organize and I go crazy in those container stores for that very reason, so you can bet the organization of this wallet was super huge to me! When I opened it up, I loved seeing that It had plenty of space for all my cards! In fact, you can put up to 12 cards in this wallet! I also really love the middle zip pocket for storing cash and some spare change. This wallet is also big enough (yet still totally small enough to tote around in your evening dress as you can see here) I even had room for my checkbook. My massive iPhone 6 Plus also fits perfectly in here too, so as you can see, this really makes the most ideal clutch for a night out possible, or if you just like to keep it light during the day while you’re out running errands and you don’t want to tote around that heavy handbag! You can fit absolutely everything you need right in this gorgeous wallet!

Well, I can go on and on about this amazing Wallet, but as any fashionista knows, you just have to see it! See how I styled my beautiful Aline wallet here:

Isn’t this wallet gorgeous? It is absolutely high-quality and luxurious and people will know that when they see it! It is absolutely stunning and eye catching, especially in this gorgeous two-tone color. You can also pick up the Aline in Midnight blue and black, or midnight blue and purple too!

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Happy Shopping!

* I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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