A fabulously Flirty Floral Print Dress in the Most Lovely, Versatile Shape: TideBuy Reviews

Floral has got to be one of the biggest print trends for spring. I keep seeing it everywhere! The new florals are so much better than florals of the past. Had you told me a few years ago I would be buying up floral prints left and right, I would have laughed at you. I’ve never been a fan, but this season, the new florals are so much brighter, bolder, and well prettier than florals of the past. I love the color combinations I’ve been seeing and I love that while some florals have a more traditional look, a lot of them are almost fascinating to look at, like art.

I certainly jumped on this trend right away and honestly keep getting drawn to almost any new floral fashion I see. One of those beautiful floral pieces was this gorgeous floral pink, yellow, and green print on this anything but traditional dress.

I was drawn to the print first, and then I was immediately in love with the shape of this dress. While its wide and tent-like, perfect for the pregnant ladies, this dress will look great on everyone! It actually does come with a tie in the same fabric so you can tie it back at the waist to give you shape if you like. I actually found I liked the wide, open look of the dress better.

These dress shapes have been huge over the last season or two. The fun shape is eye catching but definitely not in the sexy, look at me way. This dress is pure fashionista.  It’s for those who truly love fashion.

When I got this dress from TideBuy.com, I was so excited to try it on. It’s absolutely beautiful in person. It is chiffon and while still lined, still quite sheer. I wore mine over a slip for extra coverage. The dress is soft, flowy, and I dare say one of the most flirtiest dresses I’ve ever worn! I love when the wind caught this dress too. It looks so pretty flowing in the air. Not a fan of the cream? You can also pick this dress up in black!

I wore this dress around all day, it is so incredibly comfortable. Because it’s sleeveless you see just enough skin, with the length coming to the knees or lower depending on your height. I loved how chic and spring-like I felt wearing this dress around on a saturday. Here I’m wearing it with heels for a night out look, but I wore mine around with flats for the ultimate spring chic comfort look all day long!

I’m absolutely in love with this dress and know I will be wearing it all spring and summer long! Because it’s so lightweight, it makes it the perfect dress for warm summer heat, but it also looks amazing with a biker, leather, or cropped jacket for spring. You can wear it with booties, heels, or flats, and Its going to look amazing with all of them! It is the ultimate versatile dress with the most beautiful spring floral print.

If you would like to shop this dress or check out all the lovely fashion TideBuy has to offer, check them out today at TideBuy.com

Happy Shopping!

**I was given this product for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative to them in some way.

54 thoughts on “A fabulously Flirty Floral Print Dress in the Most Lovely, Versatile Shape: TideBuy Reviews”

  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love the shape of it, but would be weary of it for myself just because my shape is a little wider and I wouldn’t want it to look like a floral bag hanging over me. Also! Those shoes! Can we get a close up on those? They are incredible!

  2. I absolutely adore this kind of dress – so light and kind to any areas I’m not trying to reveal, and still so complimentary. I would wear it a lot too. I definitely need to be looking for this style to add to my wardrobe for the season.

  3. I will admit that I have never been a fan of floral prints however I don’t no if it’s because I’m seeing it so much or if it’s certain floral prints but I am changing my opinion and actually like it now. You wearing this dress is one reason I’ve changed my opinion. You look so pretty.

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