A Must-Use Social Media App for Fashion, Beauty, and Home Decor Lovers: Clicker

A Must-Use New Social Media App for Fashion, Beauty, Self-Care, & Home Decor Lovers: Clickher

I have a secret to share. I’m not really into social media. I know that sounds so strange being that I pretty much make a living off of it. But that’s just it, it’s work to me. I post and that’s pretty much what I do on social media. I rarely actually scroll. That wasn’t always the case, I use to love Instagram when it first came out and Pinterest too. But then something happened, those awful algorithms. Next thing I knew, any time I’d log into the gram I’d keep seeing the same postings from the same 5 accounts, and usually even after a day or two, I’d be seeing the exact same post show up in the top of my feed! Wtf?! It makes no sense!

It always blows my mind what goes viral on social media. I always find it completely non-relevant to me and leaves me saying.. “huh?” I don’t get it… Which is another reason why I’m often not a fan of social media. I tried to get into Tiktok but this one left me the most confused with what was “trending.” I didn’t even find most of it funny.

Well, that has all changed my friends. I’ve now found a new social media app that I’m actually loving! I actually find myself looking forward to what will be up to scroll each day! Enter…Clickher®

Clickher is different!  It’s what you expect from social media but aren’t getting: top posts with inspiring, good info. Whether it has a ton of likes or not!  And what you see posted at the top of your feed is always new. No same post lingering at the top of my feed for days just because it has TONS of likes!  On Clickher, you ALWAYS get posts in the order they were posted, so it’s always something new at the top of your feed every time you log in, not yesterday’s post!

Clickher is like the best of IG, Pinterest, and TikTok all rolled into one. But without the stupid non-Sensical algorithms! Just new content coming though your feed in the order it was posted. Making it easy to catch up every day and stay on top of what you want to actually see! Not what that social media site THINKS you should see! 

See something you like? Click on the link and it will take you to the social media post where it was posted! Super easy! It takes the annoyance out of “who” to follow on social media too! I love that ClickHer shows me AMAZING content from other content creators I would’ve never otherwise seen because I didn’t know about them to follow them on other social media platforms! Clickher takes the guesswork out of who to follow and saves you time “following” or “unfollowing” accounts too! 

And… I LOVE the content ClickHer finds to share with me! Great, inspiring content I love logging into every day to catch up on! Like actually good content that can seem so hard or annoying to find on other social media platforms! It’s ALL relevant to me!

Clickher also makes it easy to filter topics so I get exactly what I want. If I’m sick of holiday content, easy, I just unclick it in my filter and no more holiday! If I’m hooked on fashion lately and that’s where all my focus is going, no problem! I just click “fashion” as the only filter and nothing unrelated to fashion will show up in my Clickher feed! 

If you do want to see what’s trending, simply choose the “popular” filter on ClickHer to scroll what’s currently trending!  You can also easily save your favs and filter through content that way as well too so you can always come back to it later in case you want to pick up that super cute utility jacket you saved for later once you get paid!


A Must-Use New Social Media App for Fashion, Beauty, and Home Decor Lovers: Clicker

I also think Clickher posts THE BEST beauty tips I’ve seen! I never seem to see such good info and hacks on my regular social media feeds, but Clickher finds the best and most helpful tips out there I can find within seconds in my Clickher feed!  Like how to do a super cute tie dye manicure, an amazing half up/half down hairstyling hack, the best mascaras for bottom lashes, and how to amp up your basic fashion pieces! 

Clickher social media app for fashion and beauty lovers
Clickher – super curated “best of” internet content! For the fashion and beauty lover!

But my very favorite filter is the self filter, for amazing self-love tips, inspiration, mental health tips, and more! With some of my favorite posts, “what colors to wear to amp up your mood” Yesss! And “Melt down-free Mondays: How to make an action plan for Monday’s.” Couldn’t we all use more of this?!


About Clickher:

Clickher spotlights little-known creators you might miss in the flood of social feeds. Essentially, you get great advice from real people that wouldn’t normally make it to the top of your feed.

Clickher is curated for real women, by real women. No more annoying algorithms! Just real, helpful top fashion, beauty, and decor tips/hacks and tricks! You know, the things you really want to see when you scroll social media but can’t ever seem to find. Instead seeing the same Siri-talking dog you’ve already seen posted by 10 other accounts today! 

Clickher is instead powered by a team of women who search the internet and social networks every day for beauty secrets, fashion finds, makeup magic, and more, they in turn share directly to Clickher! So you can find it in your personalized feed easily THE day it’s posted with NO annoying algorithms to deal with! 


Want to know what’s even more amazing than all of this? Clickher is FREE to download and use today! Available for both IOS or Android! 

Get it on IOS from the Apple Store here!

Get it from the Google Play Store here! 


You can also find Clickher on social media here:

Have you tried Clickher yet? Let me know your thoughts below, I’d love to hear what you think of it!

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*Thank you Clickher for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. This sounds like a great social media app! I love that it not only helps you post better but gives self-care tips as well. I will have to try it!

  2. Jeanine Bevacqua

    Is it for women only? Because I like being able to interact with my family and that would not work.

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