A Natural, Comfortable, Empowering Way To Run: Skora Running Shoes Review

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I’m avid about my daily workouts. It makes me feel good, healthy, and helps me looking and feeling my very best. Along with biking, yoga, weight training, and pilates, I like to get a good run in every now and then, but thanks to a knee injury a few years back when training for my first 5K, I kind of quit running as much as I’d like to.
Ask any runner, and they will tell you just how important the shoe can be. While most of us think any old shoe will do, there are so many different styles, foot support, and comfort to choose from, it can be a bit daunting. I’ve tried several different brands over the years and have always preferred a more natural feeling shoe. Shoes that are super supportive tend to feel more restricting to me. I also hate that it seems to take forever to break them in as well. While I’m mostly an inside runner, when I do run outside, I feel like my shoes are never really broken in once I hit the pavement.
I recently came across an amazing fitness shoe brand. Skora running shoes are not your average running shoe. Even just looking at them you can tell that, thanks to their asymmetrical lace up (which is actually designed to naturally fit your foot better, thanks to following the natural form of the foot).
These shoes are super soft, lightweight, and flexible, but still feel supportive enough that you know you can get a good, safe run in. The cushion of the shoe is also much less reinforcing than a lot of other running shoes, allowing for optimum fit to the foot as well as a comfort in all degrees of motion. The shoe is designed to match your foot, allowing it a more healthier, natural movement when working out or running.
I used my shoes for a variety of different workouts as well as a run. I loved that immediately out of the box, its “broken-in.” I could wear it around, run in it, and no uncomfortable rubbing or restriction of any kind. I also noticed the toe room right away. I have a thing about shoes, all shoes actually, that feel restricting or tight on the toes. I hate that scrunched toe feeling and it seriously gives me a claustrophobic feeling almost, at times. I loved that the Skora allowed maximum room for my toes to move around and move in comfort, but is still supportive enough to help my foot and toes move together successfully. The top of the shoe where it laces is also incredibly comfortable and you almost barely even feel it. I don’t know that the top of my foot has ever felt that comfortable in a running shoe!
When using my Skora shoe, my run did feel incredibly natural. It almost kind of feels like you aren’t wearing shoes at all when you run. The soles are a bit thinner then your typical running shoe, allowing you to really feel and connect with the surface of the ground when running,  I also loved that when standing up right in this shoe, my posture felt more normal. Some running shoes are so supported and cushioned around the heel, it feels like its pushing you forward and can feel a bit unnatural. I loved that my Skora shoes made even standing still feel more comfortable and natural.  I also tend to have lower back pain at times so I loved that this positioning made my whole body feel more natural and at ease. When running it makes me feel like energy is naturally being absorbed through the shoe and body as well.
Also during my run, my Skora shoe made my rhythm feel much more natural too. I hate how a super cushioned shoe can make your rhythm feel completely off. I know for me, it makes me feel more aware of my stride and length of steps. I loved that this shoe made me forget about it and well, just run! Which is the goal anyway, right?!
While the shoe may seem like it is not supportive because its designed to be so natural, it is! My run felt so much more smoother, I felt more like I was gliding naturally along the surface then hitting the pavement hard with each step.  I absolutely loved using this shoe for both running and other fitness activities. It is incredibly comfortable, roomy while still supportive, and feels so much more natural.

I absolutely adore my Skora Fitness shoes and can’t wait to take them on more fitness journey with me! My Shoes make my body feel more amazing and natural, and I love that when working out and running, I completely forget about my shoes or that I’m even wearing any, and just dive into my workout! I love the comfort and natural support of these shoes and how well they really do move with my feet AND body.

If you would like to learn more about Skora Running Shoes, check them out today at SkoraRunning.com!

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