Alexa Ranking for Bloggers- What does it all mean?

Any of you other bloggers out there wondering what exactly the Alexa Ranking System is and why does it matter?

I’ve only recently come across and the importance of having a good ranking. First of all, Alexa ranking is one the most important you can have for your blog. It will determine how you make money on your blog as well as let others know how your blog ranks up. I’ve found through reviewing products for a lot of companies, they will determine if your blog is acceptable based on your Alexa Ranking. So as you can see, its very important to have a good Alexa Ranking if you want your blog to be a success!

So how exactly do we raise our ranking to an acceptable level? Here are some tips I’ve found through my research!

– List your blog on sites such as google, Mantra and ,Wikipedia.

– Write a review about your blog on While you’re there be sure to Claim your site. Encourage your readers and friends to write a review for you. Write one for me HERE 🙂 Thank you! xo

-Respond to comments and messages on your blog.

– Download the Alexa Toolbar and use it when accessing your blog.

– Be sure to link back to your blog when commenting on other blogs. Bloggers who connect with your blog are one of the most successful ways to boost your ranking!

Hope this helps my fellow bloggers! Good Luck with improving your Alexa Ranking!


Happy Blogging!

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