An Incredibly Moisturizing, Natural, and Organic Serum from SOBO Skincare

Serum has been a very important part of my skincare routine for a few years now. If you don’t regularly use serums, you really should! You can get some amazing added benefits by using one that you may not be getting in your moisturizer.
Most serums are packed with powerful anti-aging ingredients to treat signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and more. You can also find incredible moisturizing ingredients in serums too that can give your dry skin some much needed moisturize.
I recently got to try out a serum from a new brand I had never heard of before. SOBO, a new organic and natural line of skincare products made from the best stuff on earth! 
The SOBO brand uses the most purest and wholesome natural ingredients in all of their skincare products. They do not test on animals and also do not contain nasty ingredients such as Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic dyes and fragrances, Triclosan, or GMO’s. In fact, if you don’t know about these harmful ingredients that can regularly show up in skin care and other beauty products, be sure to educate yourself on them by visiting the SOBO’s website to learn more
SOBO uses natural and efficient ingredients shown to reduce signs of aging, including reducing signs of stress and fatigue in the skin as well.
You can find great and effective organic products from the SOBO brand, including the Ultra Age Repairing Cream with Resveratrol, the Ultra HGF Youth Serum, the Age Smoothing Eye Serum (like I got to try here), and the Essential Moisturizing Cream.
When my eye serum showed up, I actually ended up using it for my whole face. It is so rich and creamy and I was especially surprised with how moisturizing this serum is. In fact, I dare say it’s one of the most moisturizing serum’s I’ve ever used (for eyes or face!)
This serum is a gel form but goes on so nice and smoothly. My face soaked it up right away, and is left feeling refreshed, radiant, and completely moisturized.  
I’ve been using this product over the last week and while using it, I haven’t even needed to use a day or night cream with it. I rarely find a serum that is THAT moisturizing! But you really don’t even need the heavy creams while using this lovely little serum because it packs so much added moisture!
This eye serum is great for reducing eye puffiness, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The serum contains essential lipids that promote healing in the skin, as well as protecting it from environmental pollutants. This serum is especially great to use after microdermabrasion and laser therapy procedures, to gently help heal and nourish the skin. The SOBO brand of skincare is also great for every skin type!

While using my SOBO Age Smoothing and Protectant Serum for the last week, I have visibly noticed much more moisturized, radiant looking skin. My skin feels smooth and soft, and also feels much more supple and even plump! Like I said above, this is one of the most moisturizing serum’s I have ever used, and I firmly believe that great anti-aging skincare products absolutely need to be moisturizing to give skin the most added anti-aginig benefits.

I’ve loved using this product and can’t wait to try more from the SOBO brand! If you’re interested in trying their effective, natural, and organic skincare line, be sure to check them out at today! Also see their advance skincare tips HERE.

Also, the lovely ladies of SOBO are offering my readers a HUGE DISCOUNT off any of their skincare products! Use the CODE: TRYSOBO to receive 25% off at checkout!

Happy Shopping!

* I was given these products from Sobo Skincare and BrandBacker for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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  1. I’m always looking for the best skincare products because I have adult acne and so far nothing has helped subside it. I like that they are organic and natural. I think the Sobo’s Ultra HGF Youth Serum could be helpful. It contains pure seaweed extract which I’ve never tried before.

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