Are You Trying to Cope With Stress in These 8 Unhealthy Ways? Try an Alternative

Are You Trying to Cope With Stress in These 8 Unhealthy Ways? Try an Alternative

Since the pandemic of COVID-19, stress has become a normal part of everyone’s lives. The only difference is in how each person handles their individual problems. Some people turn to unhealthy methods, which brings them even more stress. If you’re using coping mechanisms like these 8 common ones, you may be adding even more problems to your life.

1 and 2. Alcohol and/or Drugs

Did your occasional social drink turn into that buzz you’re looking forward to at the end of the day? Do you make sure you save part of your budget to spend on your habit?

We put alcohol and drugs in the same category here because people who are addicted to either of them follow similar behaviors. As you get more focused on your next fix, you’ll start ignoring your real-life problems in favor of the high or buzz that helps you pretend they’re not there.

Your friends and family members start leaving, you lose your job, and your health deteriorates. At that point, you either wake up and quit your habit or get further involved in it to potentially deadly levels. You can get the same feel-good results in other ways. Managing stress with CBD gummies, for instance, is much healthier, natural, and legal in all 50 states.

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3. Smoking

Nicotine is a chemical that fakes the natural pleasure neurotransmitters from our brains. This mimicking behavior convinces your body that you need the chemical. It also creates pleasure by activating the dopamine centers. The more you use it, the greater the tolerance buildup becomes. Along the way, the product is damaging your body and brain.

4. Binge Screening

Whether your go-to is to watch all six seasons of your favorite show in one sitting or to scroll through social media for hours, binge screening is unhealthy. But it’s a common “stress-reliever,” and people encourage it by sharing their favorite shows and games. Occasionally watching TV or connecting with others on social media is fine. If you spend more hours with your screen than your friends and loved ones, there’s a problem.

5. Binge Eating

Stress eating is another method millions of us use to try to feel better when we’re dealing with issues. The problem is that those calories add up to extra weight, poor nutrition, and health conditions. Not to mention the guilt and bloat you feel right after you load up on junk. It’s not worth it.

6. Sleeping Away the Day

Rest is essential. It’s the only way our brains are able to eliminate the toxins from the day and repair muscle and cell damage. But too much rest can cause damage, too. Your problems aren’t going to go away on their own. When you get up and start tackling them, you’ll find that getting through the stressful situation usually has a bright light on the other side.

7. Becoming a Recluse

Were you someone who enjoyed hanging out with friends and family? Do you find yourself saying no to every invitation for social gatherings? While you don’t need to become a habitual partier (another unhealthy habit), spending time with other people can be a good way to overcome your negative thoughts and emotions.

8. Taking Your Anger Out on Others

Are you cranky all the time? Do you argue a lot with other people, but it’s always “their fault”? If you take a good look in the mirror, you’ll have to admit, it’s probably you. You’re a little extra sensitive because of your stress, and you’re taking your anger and bitterness out on other people. This is a quick way to cycle into more negativity because the good people around you aren’t going to put up with your attitude for long.

If you’re engaging in any of these behaviors to cope with stress, there’s a better alternative. What works for you now will end up causing you more harm later. Find a healthy coping mechanism, and stick with it!

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