Basic To Beautiful: Thoughtful Design Touches For Your Bathroom

You probably use your bathroom even more than you realize; it’ll be a place to ensure your contour and highlight are doing the right thing, somewhere you can take your makeup off with your new cleansing products, not to mention, all the usual bathroom activities. However, it can often be a very basic environment, because it might feel like an overwhelming space to improve. So, wouldn’t it be lovely to feel like you’re showering, washing your hair, or brushing your teeth in lovely, Pinterest-worthy surroundings?

The following are some tips that you might want to consider if you’re feeling the urge to give your bathing space a touch of design and character.

Basic To Beautiful: Thoughtful Design Touches For Your Bathroom

Getting Fresh

The space you have in your bathroom should determine whether or not you should try to squeeze in a bathtub or not. Sometimes, a walk-in shower area or a simple shower cubicle will be more than enough to give you what you need to get fresh and clean each day. Consider concealing any shower pipes behind a tiled wall, so the showerhead is the star of the show, as it comes out of the wall above your head. Or, you could even go for the exposed-pipe look, and invest in some copper or brass options. Ensure everything is fitted by trained plumbers like so that you won’t need to worry about leaky pipes anytime soon. Matching the showerhead with any taps, handles, and plugholes, are the details that will give your bathroom a design-led edge.

Feeling Inspired

If you want to create a crisp, clean, and modern feel to your bathroom; you can’t go wrong with a good-quality white or monochrome tile. Plain colored tiles will allow you to be more adventurous with accessory and towel choice. However, you’ll need to be prepared to clean regularly, as a white tile is pretty unforgiving when it comes to showing up any dirt. Marble tiles are much more forgiving and can be carried from the floor, up the walls, and to the countertops, for a luxurious hotel-style look. Patterned tiles are the perfect choice for those who love a little color as they shower; try to think how many you should incorporate to your bathroom space, as you don’t want it to be overwhelming or claustrophobic.

Checking Yourself Out

Mirrors are the perfect way to open up a space and make it feel larger than it already is, not yo mention the best place to check your lippy before you head out. Consider the period and style of your bathroom before choosing a suitable mirror to adorn the wall. Ensure there is plenty of quality lighting surrounding your reflective surface so that you can wake up as you brush your teeth in the morning, and contour your cheekbones in exactly the right shade. The sink area can become just as much of a feature as your bathtub or shower; think about brushed metal or matte black taps, and any storage that surrounds the basin can add personality as well. Surface and counters surrounding your sink are a great place to display vintage perfume bottles, plants, and any other accessories that will ensure that you’re happy to post it on Instagram. Investing in all areas of your bathroom environment will ensure that you’ll have a chic interior and a design-led space you’re proud of.

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