Beautiful and Truly Unique Bedding Sets at a Price That Will Help You Sleep More Soundly!

It’s that time of year, some of us are headed off to school, or have kids who are already old enough to be out on their own. Now is the perfect time to get some new bedding to start out the new school year, or maybe just something new to update your home. 
I know when I left for school (I’m not even going to say how long ago that was) I was packing up everything I needed, and I hadn’t even thought about the bedding. In fact, I was so cash poor, as most college students are, I didn’t really have anything nice or new to take with me to college. Just a bunch of hand-me-downs, which I’m sure is the case for most of us.
Anyway, my mom came into my room and surprised me with some adorable Care Bear bedding. Now I know the cartoons and childhood prints aren’t what’s cool now, but at the time, it was. I was beyond thrilled that she thought of me to do that for me. I also loved how much life a cute, colorful Care Bear Print bed spread bought to my dingy, really nasty old apartment.
If you’re headed out of your parents house this fall, new bedding is the perfect way to spruce up your new pad. It really does make a huge difference in bringing some life and color to that crappy old apartment. If you’re on a tight budget like I was, it’s a great way to bring something new to your new adult life which is probably filled with a lot of other old used things you really don’t care to show off.
Tidebuy is one of my favorite places to shop for fashion, but I bet you didn’t know they also carry tons and tons of bedding! You can find every style imaginable! Even the pickiest of teens will love the bedding here! You can find extremely cheap bedding sets here, or just pick up a comforter. What I’m absolutely loving right now, is their super fun 3D bedding sets here. Check out the bottom two pictures- the butterflies look like they’re flying right off the comforter!
You can also find bedding in lots of different sizes too, including twin, all the way to California King! 
Here are some of my favorites from Tidebuy:

Lots of great bedding sets, right? This is just the beginning! You will find pages and pages of bedding sets! The hardest part about shopping their site will be choosing just one!

If you would like to shop these lovely Tidebuy New Arrival 3D Bedding sets here, or their regular bedding sets, be sure to shop them today at!

Happy Shopping!

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32 thoughts on “Beautiful and Truly Unique Bedding Sets at a Price That Will Help You Sleep More Soundly!”

  1. These 3D bedding sets are really unique and cute! The butterfly one looks like the butterflies are real! I checked out the prices and all of the bedding sets are on sale, some up to 75% off!! Would be a great gift!

  2. These are really cute and would make a great gift for a kid or even a teenager. My daughter would definitively love the uniqueness of these bed sets and all her friends would want one! She would like the polka dot or butterfly 3D bedding set!

  3. These are really cool and definitely the first time I’ve seen 3D bedding. I’m hoping to surprise my daughter will one of these sets for Christmas! I just can’t decide between the polka dots or butterflies bedding set!

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